Komi Can't Communicate: The Story of a Beautiful Girl's Struggle with Communication
Komi Can't Communicate: The Story of a Beautiful Girl's Struggle with Communication

Komi Can’t Communicate: The Story of a Beautiful Girl’s Struggle with Communication

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Komi Can’t Communicate is a RomCom anime that tells the story of Komi, a beautiful and popular girl in school who dreams of having 100 friends. But beneath her stunning appearance lies a girl who struggles with communication due to her communication disorder, making it difficult for her to make friends. She has always been this way since she was a child, not even able to speak with her own family.

However, upon entering high school, Komi wants to live a normal life like any other teenager and make many friends along the way. Even though she doesn’t know where to start, she eventually manages to make her first friend, a boy named Todano Hito-hito. When Komi is with Todano, she feels comfortable enough to communicate with him, and eventually, she tells him about her wish to have 100 friends before she graduates high school.

Todano, on the other hand, is also battling his own trauma of rejection from a girl he liked back in middle school. When he meets Komi, he is initially entranced by her beauty but also notices her odd behaviors. However, he eventually gathers enough courage to talk to her, and they eventually become friends.

While many people are interested in making friends with Komi because she is the most popular girl in school, they assume that she prefers to be alone and keeps to herself. Everyone is afraid of being rejected by Komi without knowing the real reason behind her behavior. As Todano becomes Komi’s only friend, many people start to get jealous of their friendship, which puts Todano in danger.

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So, Todano slowly starts to ask other students to befriend Komi as well. The second person to befriend Komi is Osana Najimi, a tomboyish girl who is very outgoing and sociable. Almost everyone in school knows Najimi, which makes her the perfect candidate to become Komi’s friend.

Initially, Najimi refuses Todano’s request to befriend Komi because she was once ignored by Komi in the past. However, when Najimi is being harassed by her middle school friends on her way home from school, Komi comes to her rescue. From that day on, they become friends.

Despite the communication barriers that Komi faces, she is slowly and surely creating bonds with those around her. Komi Can’t Communicate is a heartwarming story of a girl’s struggle with social anxiety and communication disorder and how she overcomes them with the help of true friends.

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