Memilih Game Edukasi untuk Anak Balita: Rekomendasi Permainan Anak Berbasis PC dan Android
Memilih Game Edukasi untuk Anak Balita: Rekomendasi Permainan Anak Berbasis PC dan Android

Memilih Game Edukasi untuk Anak Balita: Rekomendasi Permainan Anak Berbasis PC dan Android

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When it comes to the education of toddlers and infants, choosing educational games is vital. The advancement of technology can assist us in the intellectual growth of our babies and toddlers. It is vital to use technology wisely, including the benefits of the internet that are easily accessible. Take the positive aspects of technology to help your child’s cognitive development by selecting educational games. Android phones are now a trend in mobile technology, while PCs and laptops are no strangers. Children, even toddlers, may be familiar with and touch laptops or Android phones. However, both gadgets can have a positive or negative aspect, depending on how we use them. If babies and toddlers are already familiar with Android and PCs, then use these kinds of technology to help shape their character and educational media.

Choose a few educational games that can be installed on PCs and Androids, and introduce them to your baby or toddler. Children do not take long to apprehend the functions and workings of educational games. These games are designed to be easily understood and operated by children of the same age range. This increases the activity of their right brain, left brain, and motor nerves. This can significantly help in our children’s growth. However, it is best to introduce these games to our babies from ages 1 to 5, as they begin to learn and memorize what they usually see in their surroundings. You, as a parent, can be their teacher from an early age. Thus, you can introduce education from an early age by providing educational games.

In this article, we provide examples of educational games or activities for both baby girls and boys. These games are designed to aid in your child’s development and can be played on PC and Android.

1. Learn to Count

Learn to Count is a game application that is designed for tablets and smartphones with an Android operating system. This game is designed attractively to make it easy for children to recognize and memorize numbers. This game requires the guidance of parents to help children master it quickly. The game is small enough to be downloaded on any Android device because it only has a size of 2 MB. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store via the link provided.
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2. Cool Math

Cool Math has the same format as Learn to Count above, but it is only intended for PCs. This game can also be installed on laptops as a medium for self-learning counting. Children aged 1 and above tend to be curious about something foreign, such as a laptop. Therefore, use this to educate babies and toddlers with educational games on PCs. Learning to count with a PC game becomes more fun and interactive. If other children start playing games that are not age-appropriate, train your child to play educational games using PCs instead. This will help your child’s growth, remain under control and in the right direction. This game can be downloaded here.

3. Gingko Paint

Gingko Paint is an online game that trains children’s creativity in terms of colors, shapes, and the use of art tools. This game can be played on a PC with an internet network connection. This game is perfect for children aged 2 and above as it trains their imagination and creativity. These are vital aspects to shape their intelligence and character from an early age.

In conclusion, selecting educational games for children using PC and Android is useful for children’s intellectual growth. These games can be a medium for children to learn and develop their skills creatively. As parents, it is important to choose games that are appropriate for their age range and quality time spent with parents for their development.

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