Mastering Dyrroth: The Best Build and Strategies for 2023
Mastering Dyrroth: The Best Build and Strategies for 2023

Mastering Dyrroth: The Best Build and Strategies for 2023

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Are you ready to dominate the battlefield as Dyrroth in Mobile Legends? This powerful Fighter and Jungler hero can deliver deadly burst damage, making him a force to be reckoned with. To ensure victory in your matches, it’s crucial to follow the recommended Dyrroth build for 2023. In this guide, we will explore the optimal item build, emblem, battle spell, and skills for Dyrroth, while also addressing his vulnerabilities and providing strategies to overcome them.

The Recommended Dyrroth Build for 2023

When it comes to equipping Dyrroth for success, the right items can make a significant difference. For 2023, the suggested item build includes Tough Boots, Hunter Strike, Blade of Despair, Dominance Ice, War Axe, and Immortality. These items enhance Dyrroth’s damage output, survivability, and mobility, allowing him to swiftly eliminate his enemies and sustain himself in battles.

Choose the Assassin Emblem

To further boost Dyrroth’s damage potential, the Assassin emblem is recommended. This emblem provides attributes such as Physical Attack, Critical Chance, and Physical Penetration, which are essential for maximizing Dyrroth’s burst damage. When combined with the recommended item build, the Assassin emblem amplifies Dyrroth’s killing potential and ensures that no enemy is safe from his wrath.

Unleashing Dyrroth’s Skills

Dyrroth’s passive skill, Wrath of the Abyss, is a key part of his devastating playstyle. This skill enhances his Burst Strike and Spectre Step abilities, increasing their damage output and granting him additional benefits.

Burst Strike, Dyrroth’s first skill, is a versatile tool in his arsenal. It deals physical damage to enemies and applies a slow effect, making it an excellent tool for initiating battles or chasing down fleeing opponents.

Spectre Step, Dyrroth’s second skill, allows him to dash towards a target, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s physical defense. This skill not only helps Dyrroth close the gap between himself and his targets but also weakens their defenses, making them more vulnerable to his onslaught.

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Abysm Strike, Dyrroth’s ultimate skill, is a game-changer. This skill allows him to charge forward and deal devastating physical damage based on the target’s missing HP, while also applying a slow effect. It’s an excellent finishing move that can turn the tide of battle in Dyrroth’s favor.

Anticipating Vulnerabilities

While Dyrroth is a formidable hero, he is not without weaknesses. Heroes with long-range attacks, such as Clint, Miya, Karrie, or Gusion, can pose a significant threat to Dyrroth. Their continuous long-range attacks can weaken him before he can engage in close combat. It’s crucial for players to anticipate and prepare for these encounters, using their mobility and strategy to overcome Dyrroth’s vulnerability to long-range attackers.


Mastering Dyrroth in Mobile Legends requires a combination of skill, strategy, and the right build. By following the recommended build for 2023, utilizing the Assassin emblem, and employing effective strategies to overcome his vulnerabilities, you can unleash Dyrroth’s true potential and become a formidable force on the battlefield. So gather your team, equip yourself with the best items, and get ready to dominate the game as Dyrroth, the unstoppable Fighter and Jungler.

Note: This guide was initially written on November 2, 2022, and has been updated and reissued on September 26, 2023.

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