Meet Prince Grus: the Latest SWORD Member in One Piece
Meet Prince Grus: the Latest SWORD Member in One Piece

Meet Prince Grus: the Latest SWORD Member in One Piece

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In chapter 1061 of One Piece, we were introduced to another member of the SWORD, Prince Grus, and his companion Hibari. There are several interesting facts that we can learn about Prince Grus in One Piece that are worth exploring.

1. Rear Admiral Prince Grus

In the latest One Piece chapter, we found out that Prince Grus is a Rear Admiral in the Navy.

2. Serves at G-14 Base

Prince Grus is currently stationed at the G-14 base in the One Piece universe, as seen in chapter 1061.

3. Appeared in “Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family Cover Story
Prince Grus was first introduced during the cover story “Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family. In volume 16, we see him attempting to capture Chiffon due to her connection to Bege. However, Bege’s henchman Gotti intervened, and the two engaged in a brief fight.

4. Strong Combat Abilities

Prince Grus’ true strength was hinted when he battled Gotti in chapter 969. Despite Gotti’s impressive bounty of 90 million berries, Prince Grus emerged victorious, suggesting his combat skills are not to be underestimated.

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5. Unique Devil Fruit Power

Prince Grus possesses the Gunyo Gunyo no Mi Devil Fruit, allowing him to create and manipulate clay. He can also summon powerful golems to aid him in combat.

6. One of the SWORD Members

Prince Grus is one of the SWORD members, along with Helmeppo, Koby, X Drake, Hibari, and Kujaku, who was revealed in chapter 1080. As we learn, Prince Grus may be one of the Navy members who has opted to retire.

These are the six intriguing facts that we know about Prince Grus in One Piece. As a member of the SWORD, there’s no doubt that Prince Grus will continue to play a significant role in the upcoming One Piece storyline.

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