School Life Synopsis: A Peek into the Life of a Suburban School
School Life Synopsis: A Peek into the Life of a Suburban School

School Life Synopsis: A Peek into the Life of a Suburban School

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Movie Title: La Vie Scolaire a.k.a School Life (2019)

School Life, also known as La Vie Scolaire, is a French comedy-drama movie directed by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir. The movie is set in a middle school in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris. The story revolves around a newly appointed guidance counselor named Samia Zibra, who deals with unruly students. One such student is Yanis, who indulges in arguments with teachers but has immense intelligence. The movie takes us on a journey through their life in suburban school and gradually shows us the challenges faced by both the teachers and students.


The movie is set in a suburban school situated in Seine-Saint-Denis, on the outskirts of Paris, and falls under the priority education zone. The area is predominantly inhabited by working-class or lower-middle-class people, and their wards are in dire need of a better education and social life. Hence, the French government set up priority education programs to help children from such backgrounds have a brighter future.

At the beginning of the school year, during a staff meeting, the new guidance counselor, Samia Zibra, is introduced. Samia is in charge of the five other guidance counselors who have been working in the priority school for years. Her colleagues warn her about the challenging students in the school. Samia is surprised by their remarks and looks at the headmaster, who explains that the children are just mischievous, like all other kids.

Samia begins to inquire with her colleagues about the students and the school. Initially, she finds their explanations to be exaggerated until she experiences the students’ behavior herself. On her first day at school, two students are about to get into a fight. Samia intervenes and takes them both to the guidance counselor’s room. She questions if it is normal to punish two students on her first day on the job, to which she receives no response.

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Samia faces several students who have challenging and, at times, irritating behavior. Yanis Bensaadi, a French citizen of Arab descent, is one such student. He lives in a small flat with his mother and younger sister while his father is in jail. Yanis is known for his arguments with teachers and for his belief that school is a waste of time.

He once even questioned his math teacher, who is also his homeroom teacher, and demanded an explanation for how the lesson he was being taught would be useful in his future. Samia takes Yanis under her wing and guides him. She develops a bond with him and wants to help him achieve his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

The movie School Life is unique as it shows the lives of both teachers and students. It depicts how students from underprivileged backgrounds struggle to keep up with education due to lack of motivation and support from their families. On top of that, they are undergoing puberty, which makes it hard for them to deal with their emotions. Teachers, including Samia, feel overwhelmed and frustrated dealing with such students.


School Life is a must-watch movie for anyone interested in the education system and the challenges faced by students and teachers. The movie takes us on a journey through the lives of teachers and students, focusing on their daily struggles and triumphs. The movie’s narrative is compelling and keeps you engaged until the very end. Overall, School Life is a perfect blend of drama and comedy, making it an enjoyable watch for people of all ages.

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