The Truth About Cobra's Death Revealed in One Piece 1085: Im Sama's Resemblance to Vivi
The Truth About Cobra's Death Revealed in One Piece 1085: Im Sama's Resemblance to Vivi

The Truth About Cobra’s Death Revealed in One Piece 1085: Im Sama’s Resemblance to Vivi

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Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has finally revealed the truth about the death of Raja Cobra in One Piece 1085. Fans were shocked to learn that Raja Cobra was surprised to see Im Sama’s face, which resembled Nefertari Vivi. So, how did this happen? Let’s dive into the details of One Piece 1085.

Initially, most fans believed that Raja Cobra’s shocked expression was due to something else entirely when he saw Im Sama. Some even thought that he recognized the person as Ratu Lily, the first queen of Alabasta. However, it turns out that the shock was due to Im Sama’s uncanny resemblance to Vivi’s face.

Before Im Sama appeared, Raja Cobra spoke about how Ratu Lily disappeared without a trace 800 years ago. It was interesting to note that Lily vanished right after deciding not to become Tenryuubito and live in Mariejoa. According to Raja Cobra, Lily had already left Mariejoa, but she never made it to Alabasta.

Moreover, the silhouette of Ratu Lily was strikingly similar to that of Im Sama’s. However, this does not necessarily mean that Im Sama is Lily. But Raja Cobra’s reaction upon seeing Im Sama suggests that he recognized her face. Some speculate that Im Sama might be one of Lily’s descendants.
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Raja Cobra describes Ratu Lily as a good person who willingly gave up her Tenryuubito position for the people of Alabasta. However, if Im Sama is, in fact, Lily’s descendant, it would not necessarily mean that she shares Lily’s good nature. As for the reason behind Raja Cobra’s surprise, it is possible that he saw Vivi in Im Sama’s face due to their shared lineage.

In any case, fans will have to wait for the release of the complete version of One Piece 1085 to find out more about Im Sama’s identity. With so many questions lingering around this mysterious character, it is no wonder that the recent revelation has left fans intrigued and eagerly awaiting for the next chapter.

In conclusion, One Piece 1085 has unveiled a new layer of mystery and intrigue in the One Piece world. Only time will tell what Im Sama’s true identity and intentions are.

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