Is Akagami Shanks a Member of the Holy Knights in One Piece 1083?
Is Akagami Shanks a Member of the Holy Knights in One Piece 1083?

Is Akagami Shanks a Member of the Holy Knights in One Piece 1083?

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When it comes to One Piece 1083, the spotlight is on Akagami Shanks. Recent spoilers suggest that he could be a member of the Holy Knights. The theory emerged after a silhouette of one of the Holy Knights seemed to have similarities with the appearance of Akagami Shanks. But is it true that Akagami Shanks is indeed a member of the Holy Knights and works for Im Sama? Or is the Holy Knight’s appearance just a coincidence? Let’s dive into the latest One Piece 1083 spoilers and discuss some theories.

In the new spoilers of One Piece 1083, Im Sama has introduced the Holy Knights. The Holy Knights are a unit of the World Government tasked to crush eight countries that declared war on them. The initial introduction of the Holy Knights in One Piece 1083 displays a silhouette of nine members, each with varying appearances. Some wore cowboy hats, some had horns, and some were tall, among other things. However, one of the silhouettes particularly caught the fans’ attention. A silhouette of a long-haired man wearing a long cloak and holding a sword appeared, which looked very much like Akagami Shanks. Fans speculated whether this Holy Knight was indeed him.

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But one thing that remains unknown to fans is the true strength of Akagami Shanks. He very rarely engages in battles, and his purpose for sailing is still a mystery. Though he was once seen talking to the Gorosei in the castle Pangea, it remains uncertain whether Akagami Shanks was working for the World Government or not. Another theory also suggests that the person who talked to the Gorosei and joined the Holy Knights was not him, but his twin.

However, until One Piece 1083 is released, fans are eager to find out the truth. Is Akagami Shanks a Holy Knight? Is he working for the World Government and Im Sama? Does he have a twin? All these remain unanswered questions. Theories and spoilers are circulating, but we can only wait for the official release and see where the story goes. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore One Piece 1083 and its mysteries.
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