Revealed: Key Characters in One Piece Chapter 1081
Revealed: Key Characters in One Piece Chapter 1081

Revealed: Key Characters in One Piece Chapter 1081

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda revealed a long-lost important character. The important character in One Piece chapter 1081 is a high-ranking member of a large pirate ship. The commonality among the six former warlords in that pirate ship is their respect for their achievements in every project. It is understandable that a former warlord like Jinbe would prefer to join Luffy’s Great Armada rather than become a pirate captain. There are fans of One Piece who suggest this for some certain former warlords, but their identities have not been revealed.

Of the five former Warlords who are not affiliated with any group, it would be reasonable for each to choose to join one of the Yonko who are currently leading the race for One Piece. The members of the Straw Hat Pirates include Hancock as the 11th crew member.

Blackbeard’s pirates include Doflamingo as the 10th Titanic captain. It is highly unlikely for Hancock to join Cross Guild, as she always maintains her loyalty to Luffy and will never work with anyone else other than the Straw Hat Pirates, who have become her naturally close group.

Doflamingo may replace Kuzan as the 10th Titanic captain, who is already known to be a member of their pirate group. But he will not fight against the Straw Hat Pirates when the time comes, especially after it was revealed that he had saved Saul.
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Moria may align himself with Cross Guild as it seems to be a reasonable choice for him. For Moria, joining Cross Guild seems to make more sense because of the cross symbol that represents the four apexes, leaving a single place. Perona may initiate Moria to join Cross Guild, given her good relationship with Mihawk, one of the founders of Cross Guild.

Weevil, who is not a devil fruit user, is the only former warlord from the remaining five, and it is uncertain whether he has already joined Shanks. However, it is noted that both Weevil and Shanks share a dislike for Teach, and there is a possibility that someone else may join the Red Hair Pirates with Weevil.

In conclusion, Jinbe and Hancock are part of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, Teach and Doflamingo are part of Blackbeard’s Pirates, Weevil is with the Red Hair Pirates, and Crocodile, Buggy, Mihawk, and Moria are part of Cross Guild. Law is with the Survivors Alliance. Kuma, on the other hand, is with the Revolutionary Army. Stay tuned for more updates on One Piece!

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