One Piece 1085 Spoiler: The Revelation of Queen Nefertari D. Lily's Identity
One Piece 1085 Spoiler: The Revelation of Queen Nefertari D. Lily's Identity

One Piece 1085 Spoiler: The Revelation of Queen Nefertari D. Lily’s Identity

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As a 24-year-old college student, I am thrilled to share with you the latest One Piece 1085 Spoiler! The chapter reveals the identity of Queen Nefertari D. Lily, who was blamed by Im Sama for the events that occurred 800 years ago. According to the text, Nefertari’s family is a member of the D Clan, as mentioned in a letter found by King Cobra. However, the revelation of the family’s association with the D and the events of 800 years ago ultimately cost Cobra his life as he was attacked by Im Sama’s shadow arrows in the RAW One Piece 1085 scan.

The Spoiler begins with Imu speaking to Cobra, informing him of two things and asking him a question. Imu mentions that D was once an “our” enemy and that scholars and pirates alike have searched for the truth about the Void Century and Poneglyph. Imu also reveals that Lily was the one responsible for the Poneglyph’s worldwide scattering, but there is a possibility that it may not have been a mistake, but a deliberate plan.

As the chapter progresses, Imu brings up a letter left by Lily, initially labeled “Queen Lily of the Nefertari family.” However, Imu questions the sender’s true identity and demands to know what was written in the rest of the letter. When Cobra reveals that Lily’s true name is Nefertari D. Lily, the revelation of the D in the name causes Imu to shoot a shadow arrow, ultimately piercing Cobra’s stomach. Sabo then intervenes and shoots fire towards Imu, but Imu’s transformation into a large creature allows him to swallow the fire.

As Sabo and Cobra try to flee, the Five Elders brandish their weapons and begin to morph into grotesque beasts, leaving Sabo and Cobra no choice but to fight for their lives. During their escape, Cobra urges Sabo to tell Luffy and Vivi that they’re all D, flashing back to when Ace told him that he could give Sabo a D name as well- “Sa D. Bo.”
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The chapter ends with Vivi being captured by CP0, while Jabra and Kalifa are introduced as its members. Lucci also summarizes the events that occurred in Mary Geoise, including Leo and Sai announcing that their crew is now a part of the Straw Hat Pirates. The chapter concludes with Wapol entering the room where Vivi and CP0 were, causing a distraction and allowing Vivi to capture Wapol to help them escape. The chapter ends with Vivi and Wapol fleeing while the wives of the Five Elders receive a message stating that King Cobra and King Wapol will no longer attend future Reverie meetings.

In conclusion, the One Piece 1085 Spoiler has fans buzzing with the revelation of Queen Nefertari D. Lily’s identity as a D Clan member and the subsequent events that occurred. The Spoiler sets up plenty of excitement and anticipation for the next chapter, as Sabo and Cobra continue to fight for their survival amidst the chaos unfolding at the meeting.

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