Im Sama Threatens Gorosei's Lives if Luffy Escapes with Dr Vegapunk
Im Sama Threatens Gorosei's Lives if Luffy Escapes with Dr Vegapunk

Im Sama Threatens Gorosei’s Lives if Luffy Escapes with Dr Vegapunk

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, chapter 1089, tensions rise as Im Sama expresses their extreme dissatisfaction with the Gorosei’s handling of the situation involving Luffy. Im Sama’s frustration reaches a boiling point, leading them to issue a chilling threat to the Gorosei.

Im Sama, the enigmatic ruler of the world who governs from the shadows, is known for their extreme power and influence. However, their dissatisfaction with the Gorosei’s performance in dealing with Luffy’s presence has become apparent. Im Sama firmly believes that if Luffy manages to bring Dr Vegapunk to safety, it would be a significant blow to the World Government’s legitimacy. In order to prevent this from happening, Im Sama takes drastic measures.

The Gorosei, who are the highest-ranking members of the World Government, seem to have been caught off guard by Luffy’s actions and have yet to take any concrete actions to deal with his presence. This lack of action irks Im Sama even more, as they see it as a sign of incompetence and weakness. Im Sama knows that Luffy is currently with Dr Vegapunk, a renowned scientist who possesses invaluable knowledge. This knowledge could potentially be detrimental to the World Government if it falls into the wrong hands.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Im Sama commands the Gorosei to do whatever is necessary to stop Luffy and Dr Vegapunk from leaving Pulau Egghead. Im Sama’s threat to the Gorosei’s lives hangs in the balance, as their failure to stop Luffy could have dire consequences. It is clear that Im Sama is willing to go to great lengths to preserve the integrity and power of the World Government.

Interestingly, Im Sama did not destroy Pulau Egghead, despite having the power to do so. This decision was made to preserve Dr Vegapunk’s research, which hints at an ulterior motive. It is possible that Im Sama has limitations in their preservation abilities, or they may have other reasons for wanting to keep Dr Vegapunk alive.

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To aid in their mission to stop Luffy, the Gorosei have instructed Kizaru, one of the three Admirals of the Marine forces, to go to Pulau Egghead. The Marines are a powerful military force that serves under the World Government, and Kizaru’s presence on Pulau Egghead signifies the gravity of the situation. The Gorosei are counting on the combined forces of the Marines to put an end to Luffy’s escape and protect the lives of the Gorosei.

The fate of the Gorosei hangs in the balance as Luffy’s actions unfold. If he manages to elude capture and escape with Dr Vegapunk, the lives of the Gorosei will undoubtedly be in jeopardy. Im Sama’s threat is a clear indication of the severity of the situation and the potential consequences that could follow.

In conclusion, the latest chapter of One Piece reveals Im Sama’s frustrations with the Gorosei’s handling of Luffy and their intentions towards both Luffy and Dr Vegapunk. Im Sama’s threat to the lives of the Gorosei if Luffy manages to escape with Dr Vegapunk adds an intense element to the ongoing conflict. As readers eagerly await the next chapter, it remains to be seen how this high-stakes situation will unfold and what the outcome will be for all parties involved.

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