Shanks vs Eustass Kid: Manga One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoiler Alert
Shanks vs Eustass Kid: Manga One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoiler Alert

Shanks vs Eustass Kid: Manga One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoiler Alert

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Manga One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoiler Alert: Shanks vs Eustass Kid

In the world of content creation, two essential factors are perplexity and burstiness. Perplexity measures the complexity of text, while burstiness compares the variations of sentences. Humans tend to write with greater burstiness, with some longer or complex sentences alongside shorter ones. AI sentences tend to be more uniform. Therefore, in this content about the new Manga One Piece Chapter 1079, it is essential to include perplexity and burstiness.

In the upcoming Manga One Piece Chapter 1079, the story is predicted to revolve around the events on Pulau Elbaf, where Shaka was shot in front of Vegapunk in the previous chapter. The chapter will feature the fight between Captain Kid of the Pirates and Shanks, the captain of the Akagami Pirates.

Initially, Kid faces the Akagami Pirates’ fleet while Shanks is near the shore. Lucky Roux encourages Shanks to remain where he is and asks them to handle it. Shanks informs them that Kid has a bounty of three billion and not to underestimate the growth of young people. As the story progresses, Shanks asks Yasopp to see if the wounds Kid received during the Wanokuni battle have healed.

Eustass Captain Kid creates a huge railgun, and Shanks lands on the island. Kid then fires a cannon, and with his attack, he destroys the entire fleet of the Akagami Pirates and defeats all the captains. However, the attack was a vision of the future, and it was possible due to Shanks’ advanced observation skills.

Benn Beckman speaks with Shanks and asks him if he has seen something in the future. Shanks becomes angry and serious, knowing the damage Kid could cause if he attacks freely. Shanks jumps onto Kid’s pirate ship and, with an epic move, attacks them with a massive thrust using the technique “Kamusari” (Divine Departure), the same technique used by Gol D Roger against Kozuki Oden in the past.

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After this attack, Eustass Captain Kid faints, and Killer, who tried to help Kid, coughs up blood and cannot move. Kid and Killer are defeated simultaneously with a single blow. The Kid pirates beg for mercy, and Shanks takes all the copies of the Road Poneglyph they have and jumps off the pirate ship. On the shore, Dorry and Brogy say that if someone points a weapon at another’s homeland, they must be prepared to face the same fate. They use the same attack seen in Little Garden and destroy Victoria Punk completely. Kid and his entire crew sink into the sea.

In conclusion, the much-awaited Manga One Piece Chapter 1079 will showcase the intense battle between Shanks and Eustass Kid. The chapter will release on March 26, 2023, and it is expected to feature a lot of events and twists on Pulau Elbaf. It will be interesting to see how the intense battle between the two captains unfolds. Read it on MangaPlus, which is available on the website and the Android and iOS application.

Disclaimer: The article only serves as a prediction and for entertainment purposes; it is not intended to spoil the actual story.

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