Unraveling the Ancient War: The Giant Race and the Secrets of Elbaf in One Piece
Unraveling the Ancient War: The Giant Race and the Secrets of Elbaf in One Piece

Unraveling the Ancient War: The Giant Race and the Secrets of Elbaf in One Piece

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The world of One Piece is filled with captivating mysteries and thrilling adventures. Recently, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of this beloved manga and anime series, revealed some intriguing details about the ancient war between Joy Boy and Im Sama, which took place 800 years ago according to the One Piece calendar. One of the key revelations involves the role and existence of the giant race, whose ancestry can be traced back to Dorry and Brogy, two powerful characters connected to the secrets of Elbaf.

In the grand tapestry of One Piece, the giant race played a significant role in shaping the world and maintaining its delicate balance. Oda Sensei clarified that the giant race was not only present during the Joy Boy vs Im Sama war, but they were also elite forces of Joy Boy himself. They were entrusted with protecting the king and preserving the ancient kingdom.

It is fascinating to note that Shanks, one of the prominent characters in the series, is currently in Elbaf with the remaining members of the giant race. This revelation adds an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to the ongoing storyline. What is Shanks doing with the last descendants of the giant race? And how will their presence impact the future events in the One Piece world?

The ancient war between Joy Boy and Im Sama was a momentous clash that determined the destiny of the One Piece world. Oda Sensei revealed that Im Sama, a powerful figure with tremendous influence, managed to incite 20 out of 27 kings in the ancient kingdom to betray Joy Boy. This treachery significantly tilted the balance of power in Im Sama’s favor and posed a formidable challenge to Joy Boy and his loyal allies.


During the war, Dorry and Brogy, the ancestors of the giant race, fought as elite forces of Joy Boy. They were among the seven remaining kings who remained true to Joy Boy’s cause. Despite their valiant efforts, Im Sama emerged victorious in the war, thanks to the support of the twenty kings who had turned against Joy Boy. However, Im Sama made a grave mistake by underestimating the enduring power of Joy Boy’s legacy.

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Though the war was lost, remnants of the elite forces of Joy Boy, the giant race, continue to exist. Shanks, known for his mysterious connections and influence, now possesses the ancient kingdom’s portal and has linked it to the world of One Piece. This revelation leaves us with numerous questions. What secrets lie within the ancient kingdom’s portal? How will Shanks use this newfound power and influence? And most importantly, what impact will it have on the overall balance in the One Piece world?

The revelations made by Eiichiro Oda are momentous and shed light on the deep-rooted history and intricate web of connections within the One Piece world. The void century, the enigmatic period that marks a blank page in the history books, is now slowly being unraveled. Oda Sensei’s revelations not only provide answers but also open up new avenues for exploration and speculation. The ancient war between Joy Boy and Im Sama, with the giant race at the heart of it all, holds the key to understanding the true nature of One Piece.

In conclusion, the ancient war between Joy Boy and Im Sama, involving the giant race, plays a pivotal role in shaping the One Piece world as we know it. The revelations made by Eiichiro Oda give us a glimpse into the past, connecting the dots and unraveling the mysteries that have captivated fans for years. As we eagerly await future chapters and episodes, we can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for our beloved characters and the world they inhabit.

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