Shanks' Red Hair Pirates: Are They All Non-Devil Fruit Users?
Shanks' Red Hair Pirates: Are They All Non-Devil Fruit Users?

Shanks’ Red Hair Pirates: Are They All Non-Devil Fruit Users?

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, there are many mysteries that pique fans’ interests. One of these mysteries is the nature of the Red Hair Pirates, led by the infamous Shanks. It’s been established that Shanks and his crew do not rely on devil fruit powers, but is that true for all of his crew members?

While the manga and anime have not yet revealed much about Shanks’ crew, we do know the names of some of the main members. These include Benn Beckman, Lucky Roo, Yasopp, Rockstar, Limejuice, Bonk Punch, Snake Building, Hongo, Howling Gab and even a pet named Monster that resembles Chopper.

So far, we’ve only seen the Red Hair Pirates in action during the One Piece Film: Red, where they didn’t showcase their full strength. However, there was one interesting detail that caught the attention of fans. Despite being known as non-devil fruit users, some members of the crew used abilities that looked like devil fruit powers.

One example is Howling Gab, who is seen using powers that seemingly cannot be explained by haki. This has led fans to suspect that he might be a devil fruit user. However, this is still just a theory.

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On the other hand, some members of the crew were shown to use haki, a power that allows its users to sense and control their spiritual energy. This includes Yasopp and Usopp, who displayed the Kenbunshoku haki that grants them a limited premonition of the future.

Given this information, it’s safe to assume that not all members of the Red Hair Pirates are non-devil fruit users, but the majority of them definitely rely on the strength of their haki. It’s also possible that some members have yet to showcase their true strength and abilities.

In conclusion, while it has been established that Shanks and his crew are non-devil fruit users, there are exceptions like possible devil fruit user Howling Gab. Fans will have to wait for further developments to confirm or debunk this theory.

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