Revealed! Gorosei Saturn’s Fatal Weakness in One Piece
Revealed! Gorosei Saturn’s Fatal Weakness in One Piece

Revealed! Gorosei Saturn’s Fatal Weakness in One Piece

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Gorosei Saturn, one of the elders of the World Government in One Piece, possesses outstanding combat abilities. Thus, when Gorosei Saturn took part in guarding the buster call attack on the future island of Egghead, many fans doubted Luffy’s fate. Especially when Hawkins predicted that Luffy had less than two percent chance of survival for the next month before entering the Egghead Arc. It was revealed that Gorosei Saturn had a fatal weakness, making Luffy’s chances of survival much higher than anticipated.

As per the timeline in One Piece, it had not even been a month since Luffy defeated Kaido in Wano when he encountered Gorosei Saturn on Egghead. The buster call attack, led directly by Gorosei Saturn, was believed to be the reason it became the turning point in Hawkins’ prophecy. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, gave confirmation regarding Gorosei Saturn’s weakness despite being as powerful as a god, allowing Luffy, who had already awakened the devil fruit Nika, to defeat him.

The fans speculated about Gorosei Saturn’s weakness when he was first introduced. For the first time in the One Piece series, one of the World Government elders was seen outside of the Pangea Castle. Admiral Kizaru acted like a servant in the presence of Gorosei Saturn. But, there was something suspicious about Gorosei Saturn’s movements on the Marine battleship headed towards Egghead.

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When a marine served tea to Gorosei Saturn, Admiral Kizaru ordered another Marine to taste it first, ensuring there was no poison. Eiichiro Oda confirmed Gorosei Saturn’s fatal weakness, which was not immune to poison. It gave Luffy a significant advantage in the upcoming fight since Luffy had developed immunity to poison after his life or death fight against Magellan, the warden of Impel Down.

Overall, Gorosei Saturn’s weakness increased Luffy’s chances of survival despite Hawkins’ prophecy. It confirms that One Piece never fails to keep the audience in awe by revealing fatal weaknesses that can turn the tide of battles.

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