Fractured Movie Synopsis: A Thriller Movie About the Disappearance of a Family in the Hospital
Fractured Movie Synopsis: A Thriller Movie About the Disappearance of a Family in the Hospital

Fractured Movie Synopsis: A Thriller Movie About the Disappearance of a Family in the Hospital

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Fractured is a thriller movie that will leave you in suspense until the very end. This movie tells the story of Ray Monroe and his family, who went to the hospital after their daughter Peri had an accident. However, when Ray wakes up from a nap, his wife and daughter are nowhere to be found. As Ray searches the hospital for them, he realizes that something strange is happening – the hospital denies that his family ever arrived.

The movie begins as the Monroe family is driving home after a trip. On the way, they stop at a gas station to use the restroom and buy some drinks. While Joanne, Ray’s wife, is in the restroom, their daughter Peri falls into a construction site hole, injuring her arm. Ray jumps in to save her, but she falls further, and he passes out. When he wakes up, he finds out that Peri is safe, but they need to take her to the hospital for a more thorough check-up.

At the hospital, doctors and nurses examine Peri and Ray’s wife. They tell Ray that everything is fine and that they need to do a scan to make sure. However, there is only enough room for one person in the room with Peri, so Ray reluctantly leaves them.

When Ray wakes up after a nap, things are not the same. He is told that they cannot find his family; nobody knows where they are. Ray starts to panic; he can’t imagine what happened to his wife and child. Ray’s attempts to get answers turn violent, and he is restrained by the security guards.

Ray, who is still convinced that his family is in the hospital, starts to investigate on his own. His investigation leads him to the basement of the hospital, where he stumbles upon a shocking discovery. The basement is being used to harvest organs from patients without their consent, a horrific biotech operation that makes even Ray’s traumatized mind spin. The police then discover a lot of Peri’s blood in the woods near the gas station and conclude that Ray killed his family.

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However, things are not what they seem, and the unexpected twist will leave the audience in a state of shock. It’s because Ray’s mind is unable to deal with the reality and drowns him into an imaginary world that he thinks is real. In reality, Peri and Joanne were killed in the initial accident, and Ray’s injuries caused him to imagine that they were still alive. The people that he saw in his car were just the bodies of unknown people stored in the hospital!

In conclusion, Fractured is a gripping thriller movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its well-crafted story and unexpected twists and turns, it’s not surprising that this movie is still so popular today. If you love movies that will keep you guessing until the very end, then this is one movie that you cannot afford to miss!

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