Gods of Egypt Synopsis: A Tale of Betrayal and Adventure
Gods of Egypt Synopsis: A Tale of Betrayal and Adventure

Gods of Egypt Synopsis: A Tale of Betrayal and Adventure

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Gods of Egypt is a fantasy action movie that tells the story of Horus, a god who is supposed to inherit Osiris’ throne, but he is usurped by his uncle, Set. Set takes away both of Horus’s eyes, which give him power, and declares himself as the ruler of Egypt. Horus then embarks on a perilous adventure with the help of a master thief to reclaim his rightful place and seek revenge against Set. The movie was released in 2016, directed by Alex Proyas and produced by Lionsgate Studios.


The story takes place in ancient Egypt, where the gods ruled the kingdom with Osiris as their king. However, when Osiris is about to pass his throne to Horus, Set arrives with his army and kills his brother. He then defeats Horus and takes away his eyes, which are the source of his power. Set declares himself to be the ruler of Egypt, and the people became enslaved to build magnificent structures for him.

Bek, a master thief, promises to take Zaya away from Egypt and is given a map to the pyramid where Horus’ eyes are kept. He steals one of the eyes, but their plan is discovered by Urshu, Set’s chief architect. Zaya is killed while escaping, and Bek takes her body to Horus, who is in exile.

Horus agrees to help Bek bring Zaya back to life if he helps him reclaim his throne. They embark on a dangerous adventure full of challenges and are joined by other gods. During their journey, they face many threats, including Set’s forces and terrible desert monsters.


Hathor, the goddess of the West, refuses Set’s demand to join him in the Underworld. Instead, she chooses to help Horus. As they progress in their quest, Bek reveals to Horus that he wants to bring Zaya back to life, which motivates Horus even more.

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Thoth, the god of wisdom, joins them to decipher the riddle of Sphinx to progress through the pyramid and retrieve the remaining eye. However, Set and his army catch up with them, and they are attacked. Set takes Thoth’s brain and combines it with the powers of other gods to make himself more powerful.

Hathor sacrifices herself to allow Bek to pass through the final judgment with Zaya’s bracelet as collateral, allowing them to pass to the afterlife. They succeed in getting both of Horus’s eyes back. Meanwhile, Set kills Ra, the god who prepared Set as his replacement, and decides to destroy the world with the help of Apophis.


Gods of Egypt is a movie full of adventure, betrayal, love, and redemption. It has a storyline that is both thrilling and captivating, making it a great watch for any action and fantasy movie fans. Despite being criticized for historical inaccuracies and an unoriginal plot, the movie offers an exciting journey among the pantheon of Egyptian gods. Alex Proyas, the director, did an excellent job of bringing the gods and their world to life, making the film visually stunning. Overall, Gods of Egypt is a good blend of action, drama, fantasy, and romance that is a must-watch for any movie lover.

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