Forget About Your Phone - Here's How to Send SMS via PC
Forget About Your Phone - Here's How to Send SMS via PC

Forget About Your Phone – Here’s How to Send SMS via PC

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Sending and receiving SMS messages have always been associated with mobile phones. However, this trend is starting to change with the introduction of web-based SMS services. Nowadays, we don’t have to depend solely on our phones to send and receive text messages, as we can now do it through our personal computers with internet connections. While sending SMS via web may seem easy, it is also risky in terms of privacy, as the SMS messages sent can be accessed by third-party service providers. This is where our list of top apps for sending SMS via PC comes in to help.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of using three user-friendly applications to send SMS messages via PC while still utilizing your mobile phones as intermediaries. The three applications that we recommend are MightyText, AirDroid, and Google Voice, all of which work only on Android devices.

Sending SMS via Web with MightyText

MightyText is the first application in our list that allows you to send SMS messages via web. The app operates with a two-part system, consisting of a server and client. The application installed on your Android device is known as the server, while the web application you open on your PC is known as the client. The server and client interact with each other through your MightyText account, similar to the way Facebook operates on both PC and mobile devices.

When you send an SMS message through your PC, it is initially sent to your Android device before being forwarded to the recipient. This process also applies when you receive SMS messages, as they are first sent to your Android device and then forwarded to your PC. This app works perfectly on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. You can download the MightyText application through this link.
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The second application on our list is AirDroid, which functions similarly to MightyText. AirDroid connects your Android device to your PC through an application installed on your phone and a web application on your PC.

The app allows you to manage your phone, send and receive SMS messages, and transfer files between your Android device and your PC. AirDroid’s intuitive interface makes it easier to handle all texting on a larger screen without the need for the small screen of your phone. You can download AirDroid via this link.

Google Voice

Last but not least, we have the Google Voice app, which is only available in the US. The app allows users to send SMS messages through a dedicated Google Voice phone number, with messages synced across all of your devices, including your PC.

The app also comes with voice and video call functionality, making it an all-in-one communication suite for users. Google Voice is free to use but may incur charges for making calls to non-US phone numbers. You can access Google Voice via this link.

In conclusion, sending SMS messages through a PC is an easy and convenient way to handle text messaging, especially if you prefer using a larger screen. However, do keep in mind privacy concerns when using third-party services. With these top apps for sending SMS via PC, you can now choose which application suits your needs best.

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