Explore the Fascinating World of Moving Islands in Anime: Zou and Kura-Kura
Explore the Fascinating World of Moving Islands in Anime: Zou and Kura-Kura

Explore the Fascinating World of Moving Islands in Anime: Zou and Kura-Kura

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Anime depicts an enchanting world of imagination that goes beyond the realms of reality. It is a world full of symbolism, with complex storytelling that uses supra powers to captivate viewers. One of the most intriguing aspects of anime is the portrayal of moving islands that appear to have their own ecosystems, perched on giant animals. Although such an idea seems far-fetched, it is one of the many things that make anime appealing to a broader audience worldwide. Zou and Kura-Kura are two anime that feature moving islands, with distinct storylines embracing such a concept.

In the anime series One Piece, Zou is an island located on the back of a giant elephant named Zunisha, a prehistoric creature that is thousands of years old. Unlike other islands that have a fixed location, Zou never remains in one place and continuously roams the seas of the New World. Due to Zunisha’s curse, it must remain in perpetual motion, roaming the seas while carrying the inhabitants of Zou, which include the Mink tribe and the Heart Pirates. Zou is not easy to locate, even using a Log Pose, and is often referred to as the “Phantom Island.”

On the other hand, Kura-Kura is an island in the Kumo region and appears in the Naruto anime series. It emerged before the Fourth Great Ninja War against Akatsuki, specifically Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Obito. Five nations of allied shinobi, including the two jinchuriki, Paman Bee (8-tailed beast) and Naruto (9-tailed beast), are the primary targets for the enemy. To protect the jinchuriki from being captured, they were hidden on an island that is difficult to detect. The island rests on the back of a giant turtle and continuously moves, making it impossible to pinpoint its exact location.

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Although these two islands continuously move, their stillness doesn’t guarantee being hidden from the enemy. The ninja Kabuto, in Naruto, worked with Obito and found ways to locate the islands. He even used his own body, which could transform into a serpent, as a weapon to attack the giant turtle carrying the island. Consequently, the island became unstable, attracting enemies and making it a battleground.


In conclusion, anime continues to fascinate audiences with captivating storylines that include fantastical worlds, such as moving islands, that add to the story’s mystery and intrigue. In One Piece and Naruto, Zou and Kura-Kura are islands carried by giant animals that continuously move, making them almost impossible to locate. However, their movement doesn’t guarantee they are hidden, leading enemies to wage war or attempt to steal the islands. With its unpredictable and ever-changing themes, anime remains unique in its exceptional ability to capture its audience’s imagination.

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