Discover the Four Main Types of Jutsu in Naruto
Discover the Four Main Types of Jutsu in Naruto

Discover the Four Main Types of Jutsu in Naruto

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Naruto’s world leaves everyone fascinated with its unique and powerful jutsu. These jutsu can make the characters do simple things like impersonating someone else, transform into a giant, increase their power in one-on-one martial arts battles, or even destroy the earth and swallow entire enemy armies. The variety of jutsu never ceases to amaze the viewers. From specific jutsu for a particular clan to jutsu that can be used to form a blood pact with mythical creatures, Naruto has a wide range of jutsu that can be classified into four main types: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Senjutsu.

Chakra: The Foundation of Jutsu

Chakra is a unique energy that exists within living beings. Similar to DNA, each individual has their distinct Chakra, making them different from other clans or families. By combining their Chakra with their physical and spiritual energy, a person can perform jutsu. In Naruto, different people have varying levels of Chakra, which may increase with age. However, after a certain age, the amount becomes their Chakra limit. If the individual’s Chakra runs out, he/she may experience various adverse effects, from fainting to memory loss. Chakra is similar to the concept of Mana in RPG games.

Ninjutsu: The Most Common Jutsu in Naruto

Ninjutsu is the most common jutsu in the Naruto universe that involves manipulating Chakra, along with physical and spiritual energy, to affect and even alter reality. Apart from mastering Chakra, most ninjutsu also require hand seals. Different ninjutsu require different hand seals, and the practical applications of ninjutsu are limitless. One can imagine the desired effect and create the Ninjutsu to achieve it. For instance, Ninjutsu can be used to walk on the water, conjure a giant fireball, or even revive the dead.

Taijutsu: The Art of Hand-to-Hand Combat

Taijutsu is the art of hand-to-hand combat, and every ninja cannot solely rely on Ninjutsu. They must also have the ability to fight their enemies in close combat. Therefore, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu are the two fundamental jutsu that aspiring ninjas must master. The primary reason why a ninja must know Taijutsu is speed. As mentioned, most Ninjutsu requires hand seals, which take time to perform. An expert of Taijutsu can quickly close the gap and attack in seconds, forcing their opponents to engage in Taijutsu. Heavyweights, such as Maito Gai and Rock Lee, often use this tactic. Additionally, there are instances where Taijutsu is faster than casting Ninjutsu, for instance, pursuing a target at high speed or facing armed enemies.
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Genjutsu: The Art of Illusion

Genjutsu is the art of illusion that primarily targets the mind. A Genjutsu user can influence the flow of Chakra in the target’s brain or nervous system to manipulate their senses. Unlike Ninjutsu, Genjutsu cannot affect reality but targets the senses of the victim. However, a strong Genjutsu can send the target to a debilitating shock, leading to death. A regular user of Genjutsu can influence one or two senses simultaneously, such as sight or hearing. On the other hand, a Genjutsu specialist can affect all senses simultaneously, creating an illusion that seems real. Several Genjutsu experts can control their victims without their knowledge. Of the three basic jutsu taught in the Ninja Academy, Genjutsu is usually the most challenging to master, but for those naturally gifted, such as those from the Uchiha clan, it comes naturally.


The world of Naruto has a vast range of jutsu that can be classified into the four primary types – Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Senjutsu. These jutsu rely on a ninja’s Chakra, physical, and spiritual energy to perform various feats. Whether simple or complex, these jutsu are what make Naruto a fascinating universe to watch and read.

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