Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Synopsis and Review
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Synopsis and Review

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Synopsis and Review

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) follows the journey of Doctor Strange who must cross multiple universes to save America Chavez that he just met. Along with her, they uncover the mystery of the demon that chases her and fight off the attacks of a friend with a secret plan under the influence of evil powers. Will their action shatter the multiverse?

The movie is a superhero film directed by Sam Raimi and released by Walt Disney Pictures on May 6, 2022. As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film continues its story directly from the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) and Disney+ series WandaVision. It features new characters that immediately become important figures in the Marvel universe and introduces several other Marvel characters from previous movies and series from different universes.


Dr. Stephen Strange, along with Christine Palmer, attends a wedding but must intervene when a girl named America Chavez is being chased by a monster octopus. With the help of his ally Wong, Doctor Strange defeats the creature. Chavez explains that she comes from another universe and is being pursued by demons who want to take her power. Knowing that this issue is related to magic, Doctor Strange asks for help from Wanda Maximoff, who is also known as Scarlet Witch.

However, it is revealed that Wanda is behind all of these events. She wants Chavez’s power to move to another universe so that she can live with her two children. Doctor Strange and Wong prepare the Sanctum Sanctorum to become a defensive fortress for Chavez. Initially, Scarlet Witch, as her alter ego, had difficulty penetrating the defense that Wong and his fellow wizards had cast over the Sanctum Sanctorum. Nevertheless, after instigating one of the wizards, the defense chain opens, and Scarlet Witch launches her attack. The casualties start to pile up as she tries to enter Chavez’s hiding place. After successfully crossing a magical glass room, Scarlet Witch confronts and almost incapacitates Doctor Strange.

Chavez opens a portal, and Doctor Strange crosses several universes until he lands in a different New York universe. Seeking help from another Doctor Strange in this universe, they discover that Doctor Strange has already died in his fight against Thanos. They meet Karl Mordo, who offers them tea, causing them to pass out. They wake up trapped in a glass box that is supervised by Christine. Doctor Strange is then summoned before the Illuminati council. They explain the situation about Doctor Strange in their universe, who reportedly died not from his fight with Thanos but from another reason.

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Suddenly, Wanda emerges from this universe who already possesses Scarlet Witch. Earlier, after the Darkhold was burnt up and destroyed, Scarlet Witch held Wong captive and took him to Wundagore Mountain, the source of Darkhold’s power. Thus, Scarlet Witch could possess Wanda in that universe and did her bidding. Doctor Strange, together with Chavez and Christine’s aid, tries to escape and enters a room where the Book of the Vishanti lies. After Scarlet Witch successfully captures Chavez and takes her back to the original universe, Doctor Strange confronts his parallel incarnation, who has been influenced by the Darkhold. Doctor Strange successfully defeats him and uses the Darkhold to repossess his body buried in a different universe.

Will Doctor Strange defeat Scarlet Witch using his newly found power? Or could Scarlet Witch actually complete her mission? Watch the movie until the end to find out. And don’t leave before the credits are over because two more scenes that hint at Doctor Strange’s future adventures with other superheroes await you.

Menguak Berbagai Kemungkinan “Kegilaan” Multiverse

The movie opens with scenes of America Chavez running in a dimension with debris flying everywhere, accompanied by Doctor Strange sporting a ponytail. They are being chased by a demon who wants to exploit Chavez’s multiverse transportation power. In a tight situation, Doctor Strange decides to take the power himself for the greater good. From this scene, it is evident that Doctor Strange may resort to the worst outcome to solve the problem, perhaps even sacrificing his friends’ lives.

Throughout the two-hour and six-minute duration of the film, we encounter Doctor Strange from other universes, not just one. They all have an evil side to them. This portrayal suggests that Doctor Strange in the universe we know is a different person.

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