One Piece 1085: The Role of Dewa Nika in the Destiny of Joy Boy and Luffy Unveiled, Alongside the Revealing of World Government's Secret
One Piece 1085: The Role of Dewa Nika in the Destiny of Joy Boy and Luffy Unveiled, Alongside the Revealing of World Government's Secret

One Piece 1085: The Role of Dewa Nika in the Destiny of Joy Boy and Luffy Unveiled, Alongside the Revealing of World Government’s Secret

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As the One Piece series progresses, the roles of various characters become clearer, including the importance of the character Dewa Nika. This Sun God’s existence has become one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the World Government, and his role in the destiny of Joy Boy and Monkey D Luffy has finally been unveiled.

Chapter 1073 revealed a huge transformation for Luffy, with the introduction of Gear 5. One Piece 1085 finally gives a hint of the role that Dewa Nika played in transforming Luffy, who was predicted to be the reincarnation of Joy Boy. But what exactly was the role of Dewa Nika? How did he impact the destiny of Luffy and Joy Boy?

It turns out that Dewa Nika’s role was intertwined with the fates of Joy Boy and Luffy since the Void Century. His significance was only hinted at in the Wano arc, but he quickly became established as one of the most important characters in One Piece.

Aside from being the first true god in the series, Dewa Nika also posed as one of the greatest threats to the World Government. The fact that the government has been striving to erase any evidence of his existence makes him all the more dangerous.

The Gum-Gum Fruit and the Human Model: Nika, which were both full of mysteries, are also integral to the connection between Luffy, Joy Boy, and Dewa Nika. Thus, Dewa Nika could potentially play a big part in the final saga of One Piece.

Although Dewa Nika hasn’t been mentioned much in recent chapters, the revelation of his character and context makes it apparent that he holds a significant role. His connection to the Sky Dragons, as implied by the appearance of Gorosei Jaygarcia Saturn and the ancient weapon named after a planet, implies that all the Ancient Weapons of One Piece are named after astronomical bodies.

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The naming scheme fits Dewa Nika as the Sun God, which might imply that he was also involved in establishing the World Government alongside the Sky Dragons. But if that’s the case, then it paints Dewa Nika in a different light. His story as a freedom fighter might just be a lie, and he could have committed heinous acts like those of the Sky Dragons.

Although this revelation will make Dewa Nika a messianic figure in the Wano arc, it adds depth to his heroic actions. This is because it paints a picture of him changing his mind about what he and the Sky Dragons were doing.

If Dewa Nika was indeed a former acquaintance of the Sky Dragons, then it will significantly change the role that Luffy will play in the story of One Piece. By utilizing Dewa Nika through his Devil Fruit, Luffy can channel his power to not only threaten the World Government but also to uphold the ideals that the Sky Dragons betrayed.

This will ultimately make Luffy a symbol of the fight for freedom, which is what both Joy Boy and Roger fought for. With the manga entering its final stages, the exact role that Luffy will play in One Piece is not yet clear. But one thing is for sure, the ideas that Luffy embodies make him an essential figure in this story.

Disclaimer: Part of this article is theory and purely for entertainment purposes. The author does not intend to modify the original story created by Eiichiro Oda.

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