Diamond Jozu, the Former Commander of Yonko Shirohige, Appears Strong in One Piece 1087
Diamond Jozu, the Former Commander of Yonko Shirohige, Appears Strong in One Piece 1087

Diamond Jozu, the Former Commander of Yonko Shirohige, Appears Strong in One Piece 1087

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Diamond Jozu, the former commander of Yonko Shirohige, appears strong in One Piece 1087. Eiichiro Oda creates a powerful character to aid Luffy in escaping Egghead. Diamond Jozu is capable of rendering Admiral Kizaru powerless through his appearance on Egghead, changing the course of battle and ensuring Luffy and his group’s safety from Buster Call attacks.

The presence of Diamond Jozu, the commander of Yonko Shirohige’s third division at Egghead, adds to Luffy’s group’s fighting strength. Jozu’s skill set is remarkable, and it makes him one of the most influential characters in One Piece thanks to his overpowered devil fruit capabilities. Moreover, his skills enhanced by his mastery in Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki make him a formidable foe.

Jozu’s defensive devil fruit power allows him to become an impenetrable human diamond shield through his Paramecia Kira Kira no Mi ability. During the Marineford War, Jozu famously withstood Mihawk’s intense single-strike blow. Though his fruits’ attribute is defensive, Jozu’s attack power is still significant. He was able to crush a massive ice boulder during the Marineford battle, and his speed is also impressive, as seen when he blocked Mihawk’s attack.

According to reports on Reddit, Diamond Jozu appears at Egghead when Luffy and his allies battle Admiral Kizaru. Gorosei only oversees the Buster Call attack from a distance and is not personally involved in capturing Luffy. The allied group struggles to fend off Kizaru and his men with Luffy busy fighting Seraphim and protecting Vegapunk and other scientists left behind at Egghead.

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Unexpectedly, Jozu surprisingly emerges and blocks Kizaru’s laser attack, causing it to bounce off him and hit Kizaru instead. When Kizaru furiously retaliates with an even more ferocious attack, it has no impact on Diamond Jozu’s diamond shield, reflecting the beam back at Kizaru. With his fundamental diamond properties, Jozu can reflect light, making him effectively invulnerable to Kizaru’s laser attacks.

In conclusion, Diamond Jozu is a powerful character that once again makes an appearance on One Piece 1087 as he fulfills his mission from Yonko Shirohige to assist Luffy. With his incredible abilities and unexpected presence at Egghead, Jozu adds to the already explosive action of the One Piece series.

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