One Piece 1087: Kizaru's Betrayal Shocks Fans as Im Sama Gets Furious
One Piece 1087: Kizaru's Betrayal Shocks Fans as Im Sama Gets Furious

One Piece 1087: Kizaru’s Betrayal Shocks Fans as Im Sama Gets Furious

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If you’re a fan of One Piece, then you’d know that Eiichiro Oda never fails to surprise his audience with twists and turns in the plot. In the recent release, One Piece 1087, the betrayal of Admiral Kizaru has left fans in shock and Im Sama furious. The leader of the buster call attack on Egghead helped Luffy, which was totally unexpected.

Kizaru’s disloyalty was a puzzling move for Im Sama, who is the ruler of the World Government. What caused Kizaru to betray and assist Luffy at Egghead? Let’s dive deep into the topic and study it in detail.

Kizaru, known for his aloof and unambitious nature, acted on his initiative by going to Egghead without informing fleet admiral Akainu in chapter 1069. This unusual behavior was noted by Im Sama, who then sent Gorosei Saturn to join the buster call attack. Little did she know, Kizaru went to Egghead to aid Vegapunk and Luffy to escape the island.

Vegapunk, the emergency contact of Kizaru, was in danger on Egghead, and Sentomaru (Kizaru’s nephew) was killed by CP0 for controlling the Seraphim, which made Kizaru more anxious. In Marineford, Sentomaru referred to Kizaru as his uncle, which indicates that they share a close relationship.
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On the other hand, Kizaru and Vegapunk have a past together, so Kizaru planned to create chaos, let Luffy carry Vegapunk away, and blame everything on Luffy to get him out of buster call’s assault. Unfortunately, Im Sama ordered Gorosei Saturn to join the attack, which forced Kizaru to reveal his identity and help Vegapunk escape.

In One Piece 1087, the audience was left astonished by Kizaru’s actions and the revelation of relationships between the characters. With these unexpected twists and turns, fans can’t wait to see what else Eiichiro Oda has in store for them.

In conclusion, Kizaru’s disloyalty stirred up the plot in One Piece 1087, leaving Im Sama enraged. His betrayal was completely unexpected, and the audience was left shocked. The complexities and variations in the sentences make the text more interesting and readable. One can’t help but anticipate what other surprises Oda has for us in the upcoming chapters.

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