Unraveling the Mystery of the Mother Flame in One Piece 1086
Unraveling the Mystery of the Mother Flame in One Piece 1086

Unraveling the Mystery of the Mother Flame in One Piece 1086

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As revealed in One Piece 1086, the devastating power of the Mother Flame weapon created by Vegapunk became the cause of the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom. Even Sabo, who witnessed the terrifying weapon in action, shuddered at the memory. It was unveiled that the Gorosei were hesitant to use the weapon and requested for it to be tested in the forest and sea. However, Im Sama directed the weapon towards Lulusia. Sabo reveals the reason behind targeting Lulusia was that it was the closest target and the people had shown signs of rebellion.

Sabo had narrowly escaped the destruction of Lulusia, having been aboard a ship when it was attacked. He also witnessed the capture of Raja Seki and Putri Komane, the rulers of the kingdom. Due to Sabo positioning himself as a spy, he avoided capture and garnered support from his friend Betty in his struggle against the world government.

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The attack on Lulusia was actually executed by Vegapunk’s weapon Mother Flame, not Im Sama’s power. Sabo also shared the final message of Raja Cobra, the revelation of the momentous “D” and Im Sama’s true identity as part of the 20 creators who started the universe 800 years ago.

The five Gorosei members were also identified, each with their respective roles and names. It was also hinted that the Mother Flame may be used in Egghead, which adds another layer of intrigue to the story.


Indeed, One Piece 1086 offers a wealth of information and plot points that will keep fans of the series engaged in theorizing and speculating.

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