The 4 Most Dangerous Clones in Boruto, Including Jiraiya's Clone
The 4 Most Dangerous Clones in Boruto, Including Jiraiya's Clone

The 4 Most Dangerous Clones in Boruto, Including Jiraiya’s Clone

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Are you a fan of Boruto or Naruto? With the advancement of technology in the anime world, cloning has become a prevalent thing. One of the most famous clones in Boruto is the legendary Jiraiya’s clone. But did you know about the other dangerous clones? In this article, we will present you with the 4 most dangerous clones in Boruto.

1. Ku

Ku is an artificial human made by Onoki with the same process as the other clones. Despite being powerful, Ku has a vulnerable body, and there is a possibility of damaging himself. On one occasion, he stole a heart from a doctor to make himself stronger. Later, he fought Onoki and forced him to use Jinton to defeat him.

2. Mitsuki

Mitsuki is a clone with some DNA identical to the legendary Orochimaru. His abilities are extraordinary, and he even mastered the sage mode at a young age. Mitsuki is dangerous if he is not on your side.

3. Shin Uchiha

Shin Uchiha is a name given to various genetic clones of Shin. Orochimaru created these clones by experimenting on Shin Uchiha, taking advantage of his abilities. These clones have the same fighting skills as the Uchiha clan.
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4. Kashin Koji

The manga Boruto 47 confirms that Kashin Koji is a clone of Jiraiya. However, it is not yet known how Kara obtained Jiraiya’s DNA for cloning. Kashin Koji is incredibly powerful, and some of his skills are similar to the Gentle Fist.

These are the top 4 dangerous clones in Boruto. Each one has its unique abilities, and they are all strong opponents. If you’re a fan of anime, it’s worth watching these episodes to see them in action.

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