Countering Miya in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes and Strategies
Countering Miya in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes and Strategies

Countering Miya in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes and Strategies

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that offers exciting gameplay and intense battles. One of the heroes in the game, Miya, is often underestimated and considered a burden to the team. However, this perception can quickly change when Miya is used by a professional player who understands item utilization and late-game strategies.

Miya, when played effectively, can be a significant threat on the battlefield. In this article, we will explore the best heroes and strategies to counter Miya’s gameplay.

1. Beatrix – The Perfect Counter
Beatrix, a powerful ranged marksman hero, is an excellent choice to counter Miya. With her versatile skills and high damage output, Beatrix can easily outmatch Miya in a one-on-one battle. When facing Miya, it is recommended to use Battle Spell Flicker or Retribution to catch her off guard and deal significant damage.

2. Benedetta – The Assassin’s Advantage
Benedetta, an agile assassin hero, is advantageous in chasing down Miya and dealing burst damage. Her mobility and skill combinations make it difficult for Miya to escape or retaliate. A well-played Benedetta can quickly eliminate Miya and turn the tide of battle.

3. Chou – The Corner Master
Chou, a versatile fighter hero, has skill combinations that can corner Miya and prevent her from using her Ultimate. His crowd control abilities and high mobility make it challenging for Miya to maneuver and unleash her full potential.

4. Hayabusa – The Shadow Assassin
Hayabusa, another powerful assassin hero, can easily defeat Miya due to his agility and high damaging skills. With his ability to teleport and deal burst damage, Hayabusa can catch Miya off guard and eliminate her swiftly.

5. Hylos – The Tank Counter
Hylos, a durable tank hero, can detect Miya’s hiding spots with his skills and provide support in eliminating her. With his high durability, Hylos can withstand Miya’s attacks and disrupt her movements, making it easier for the team to defeat her.

6. Jawhead – The Mechanical Menace
Jawhead’s skills can be used to chase, capture, and stun Miya, making him a strong counter pick. His ability to throw an enemy in a specific direction can isolate Miya and leave her vulnerable to attacks.

7. Kaja – The Abduction Expert
Kaja’s abduction skill makes him an effective counter against Miya, especially when coordinated with teammates. Kaja can immobilize Miya, rendering her unable to cast any skills and making her an easy target for the rest of the team.

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8. Karina – The Deadly Assassin
Karina, an assassin hero with deadly damage, can quickly eliminate Miya. Her immunity-piercing ability allows her to ignore Miya’s defensive skills and deal massive damage. A well-timed ultimate from Karina can secure a kill on Miya and shift the game’s momentum.

9. Saber – The Swift Assassin
Saber, another assassin hero, excels in quick attacks and can kill enemies within seconds. His high burst damage and crowd control abilities make him a threat to Miya. In a duel between Saber and Miya, it is crucial to strike swiftly and decisively to secure a kill.

When countering Miya, it is essential to consider the recommended items that can enhance your hero’s capabilities and deal with Miya’s gameplay effectively. Here are some recommended items to counter Miya:

– Blade Armor: This item reflects a percentage of physical damage back to the attacker, making it a great choice against Miya’s basic attacks.
– Blade of the Heptaseas: This item increases physical damage and provides additional damage when hitting enemies with critical strikes.
– Calamity Reaper: This item enhances the hero’s skills with bonus magic damage after using a skill, which can help burst down Miya quickly.
– Dominance Ice: This item reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies, including Miya, making her attack less frequently and lowering her damage output.
– Wind of Nature: This item provides a shield that blocks basic attack damage and grants a temporary movement speed boost, allowing you to escape or engage with Miya more effectively.

In conclusion, countering Miya in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang requires a combination of using specific heroes and employing effective strategies. Beatrix, Benedetta, Chou, Hayabusa, Hylos, Jawhead, Kaja, Karina, and Saber are some of the best heroes to counter Miya’s gameplay. Additionally, the recommended items mentioned above can enhance your hero’s effectiveness against Miya.

Remember, Miya can be a formidable threat when used by a skilled player with a well-coordinated team. Therefore, it is crucial to experiment and adapt your strategies when facing Miya to find the most effective approach. Good luck on the battlefield!

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