Counter Heroes and Item Choices to Defeat Melissa in Mobile Legends
Counter Heroes and Item Choices to Defeat Melissa in Mobile Legends

Counter Heroes and Item Choices to Defeat Melissa in Mobile Legends

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Melissa is a formidable Marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her high damage output, she proves to be effective for farming and roaming. However, there are several counter heroes and item choices that can be used to defeat Melissa and limit her movement on the battlefield.

One of the recommended counter heroes for Melissa is Beatrix. As a unique Marksman with powerful damage skills, Beatrix can give Melissa a tough time. Her abilities can quickly chip away at Melissa’s HP, making it difficult for Melissa to sustain in battles.

Another counter hero that can easily defeat Melissa is Claude. With high mobility and combo skills, Claude can outmaneuver Melissa and take her down. His ability to quickly burst down opponents makes him a formidable adversary for Melissa.

Clint, a strong early game hero, can gradually chip away at Melissa’s HP. His consistent damage output can wear her down and give his team an advantage. Additionally, Franco, a tank hero, can counter Melissa with his annoying crowd control skills. His ability to immobilize Melissa and disrupt her movements can turn the tide of battle.

Lesley, a dangerous Marksman, is another hero that can effectively combat Melissa. With immunity against Basic Attacks and long-range skills, Lesley can keep her distance from Melissa while dealing significant damage.

Martis, a powerful Fighter hero, can easily counter Melissa with his immune skill. His ability to negate crowd control effects can render Melissa’s abilities less effective. Furthermore, Wanwan, an agile Marksman, poses a challenge for enemies to approach. Her mobility and evasive skills make it difficult for Melissa to land her shots.

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Yve, a Mage hero, can also be an effective counter against Melissa. With a wide-range ultimate skill, Yve can deal significant damage to Melissa and hinder her movements.

Item counters are crucial in limiting Melissa’s effectiveness. By choosing the right items, players can enhance their winning chances against Melissa. Items that provide additional defense or crowd control can be particularly effective in limiting Melissa’s impact.

It is important to note that Melissa becomes stronger in the late game. As the match progresses, her damage output and presence on the battlefield increase. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize countering her early on and prevent her from reaching her full potential.

In conclusion, counter heroes like Beatrix, Claude, Clint, Franco, and Lesley can effectively combat Melissa in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. By selecting the right heroes and utilizing item counters, players can limit Melissa’s movement and utilize her weaknesses. Remember to adapt your strategy as the game progresses and prioritize countering Melissa to secure victory.

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