Big Mom Resurrects in One Piece Chapter 1085 – A Shocking Twist!
Big Mom Resurrects in One Piece Chapter 1085 – A Shocking Twist!

Big Mom Resurrects in One Piece Chapter 1085 – A Shocking Twist!

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In the latest One Piece Chapter 1085, a major spoiler has surfaced regarding the former Yonkou, Big Mom. The rumor suggests that she is not dead yet even after falling into lava. Shocking, right? The surprising news is that Big Mom will help Trafalgar Law after his defeat to Kurohige. This has left fans in a quandary as it was Law who defeated Big Mom and took away her Yonkou status. The question on everyone’s mind is – why is Big Mom helping Law in One Piece 1085?

According to the manga spoilers, the duo of Kid and Law defeated Big Mom in Onigashima. Kaido too had been brought down by Monkey D Luffy in Gear 5 mode. The combined attack on Big Mom and Kaido made them fall into a pit of magma which resulted in their supposed demise. However, it seems that Big Mom is not dead yet. The leaks suggest that Big Mom is on an island between Winner Island and Wano. The distinct contour of Wano on the ocean’s surface broke the fall of Big Mom, and since she had very hard skin, she was not affected by the lava.

Big Mom is found in good health, but she suffers from amnesia due to the attack by Law. This has made her cheery and transformed her personality. Meanwhile, Bepo, while searching for land on Winner Island, ends up on the island where Big Mom is taking care of Law and Bepo’s injuries. Big Mom, in a surprising 180-degree change, is attentive and caring towards them.

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With her powers, Big Mom gives Law and Bepo a part of her life force to restore their health. However, when Law regains his senses, he is ready to fight as soon as he sees Big Mom near him. Bepo then explains that Big Mom saved their lives, leaving readers on edge as to what will happen next.

The One Piece Chapter 1085 is scheduled to release on 4th June 2023, and the manga is expected to be in high demand. Fans will be eagerly waiting to see how the story unfolds with Big Mom’s sudden resurrection and change in personality.

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