Battle Royale in One Piece 1086: The Dangers For the Yonko
Battle Royale in One Piece 1086: The Dangers For the Yonko

Battle Royale in One Piece 1086: The Dangers For the Yonko

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As One Piece 1086 unfolds, Sabo reveals that the Yonko’s lives are in danger because of a trap set by Im Sama and the World Government. Sabo managed to escape their clutches and expose the World Government’s sinister plan during a battle royale that is set to take place. Teras our site received leaks and information about the upcoming event, and Sabo intends to share crucial intel about the World Government’s scheme. The plan involves the Yonko, and according to Sabo, one of the four emperors will turn out to be the government’s pawn during the battle. Furthermore, he revealed that the final Road Poneglyph is in the hands of the World Government.

Sabo did not know the identity of the Yonko in cahoots with the government. Still, he surmised that the involvement of the said emperor was critical for the World Government. There are only two possibilities for the traitorous emperor – Shanks and Kurohige. However, Sabo quickly dismisses the theory of Shanks being a government pawn, due to Shanks being close to Luffy and the fact that he shares Roger’s principles. Kurohige, on the other hand, is the most probable Yonko to have conspired with the World Government. He is a pirate who stops at nothing to achieve his goals, and he even offered Koby a means to create his country. Kurohige’s actions led to the deaths of Shirohige and Portgas D Ace during the Marineford Arc.

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In light of these revelations, Sabo asked Dragon to lead the Revolutionary Army and foil the World Government’s plan during the battle royale. Sabo believes that the government will benefit the most from the impending conflict. It is up to Dragon and his forces to neutralize the Yonko and prevent a massive war.

The plot of One Piece is known for being unpredictable and filled with surprises. Thus, it remains to be seen whether Luffy will fall into the government’s trap and if Dragon can thwart Im Sama’s plan. As Eiichiro Oda’s story progresses, we get a glimpse of the true extent of Monkey D Dragon’s abilities. The father of Luffy can stand atop clouds, showcasing his formidable powers.

In the end, these are all theories and pieces of entertainment. We should not add, subtract, or modify the contents of One Piece’s story. The fans can only wait and anticipate what the next chapter will bring.

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