Understanding the Role of Commanders in One Piece Anime
Understanding the Role of Commanders in One Piece Anime

Understanding the Role of Commanders in One Piece Anime

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As one of the most popular anime series, One Piece introduces several characters that become fan favorites, including Teras our site, a fictional character who serves as a commander in the Yonko crews. However, many misconceptions surround the character due to incomplete or inaccurate information, leading fans to rank them incorrectly.

One of the most common misconceptions about Commanders is that they only focus on their military strength and combat skills. In reality, a commander in One Piece is responsible for coordinating and leading various operational, strategic, and tactical aspects of the mission or task. They must possess a broad understanding of the situation, the ability to make intelligent decisions, and strong leadership skills.

It’s important to note that the YC1, YC2, and YC3 labels commonly used in One Piece are not canon or official labels. Each Commander in One Piece is just a Commander, no more and no less. Although the use of these labels is common, it can often be misleading and cause people to misunderstand their power levels.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the community is considering the Commander’s power level in one crew as a measure of the overall strength level. In fact, the ranking of Commanders in one crew is based on their individual strength within that crew. These rankings do not function as a universal power level and cannot be applied to all members equally.


For example, Marco, the Right Hand of the Whitebeard Pirates, is considered the strongest Commander in that crew. This is not because he has a specific power level as YC1 but because he is stronger than other Commanders such as Ace, Jozu, and Vista. This shows that the Commander’s ranking level in one crew does not always reflect the same comparison of strength when compared to different crew members.

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Moreover, not all members of the Yonko crew are at the “YC1” level. Some members like Oden, Sanji, and Kuzan are part of the Yonko crew, but they are not always “YC1” level. Even Mihawk can technically be considered “YC1” even though he is much stronger than that level. This indicates that the YC ranking level is not always the absolute determining factor of a character’s strength.

In summary, ranking Commanders in one crew tends to be based on their strength within that crew only, and it is not always applicable to compare their strength to other crew members. Fans of One Piece need to understand that the YC ranking level is just a rough guideline and not necessarily the determining factor in comparing strength levels.

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