9 Interesting Facts About Black Maria in One Piece
9 Interesting Facts About Black Maria in One Piece

9 Interesting Facts About Black Maria in One Piece

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Black Maria is one of the Tobi Roppo members in the world-renowned anime and manga franchise One Piece. Here are nine interesting facts about Black Maria that will surprise you.

1. Basic Information

According to Vivre Card – One Piece Visual Dictionary, Black Maria is originally from Wano and is 29 years old, born on September 24th. She stands at a towering height of 820cm and has Type S blood. In the One Piece world, blood types are designated as S, F, XF, and X.

2. One of the Tobi Roppo

Black Maria is one of the Tobi Roppo, the top six Shinuchi in the Kaido group. Other members include Sasaki, X Drake, Who’s-Who, Page One, and Ulti.

3. Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit

Black Maria’s Devil Fruit is an Ancient Zoan called Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli. Interestingly, all Tobi Roppo members have Zoan Devil Fruit abilities, except Who’s-Who with Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger.


4. Hybrid Form is Artificial

Black Maria’s hybrid form as a spider is a modification, not a natural form of her Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit. As per the SBS (Oda’s answers to readers’ questions), there is no clear rule for Zoan transformations. Oda mentioned Chopper to say that just as Chopper can manipulate his transformation, other people can manipulate their Zoan transformation forms too.

5. Black Maria Card Game

Black Maria’s name originates from a variation of a card game from England named Black Maria, just like many of the Beast Pirates members’ names.

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6. Bounty

According to Vivre Card – One Piece Visual Dictionary, Black Maria’s bounty is 480,000,000, higher than Page One (290,000,000), Ulti (400,000,000), Sasaki (472,000,000), and X Drake (222,000,000). However, it is unknown if Drake’s bounty increased during the time skip. As of now, Who’s-Who has the second-highest bounty among the Tobi Roppo with 546,000,000.

7. Defeated by Nico Robin

Nico Robin defeats Black Maria with her technique Demonio Fleur. The fight against Black Maria took place on Onigashima.

8. Voice Actor

Yu Kobayashi voiced Black Maria in the anime. She is known for her other voice acting roles, such as Sasha in Attack on Titan, Ayame Sarutobi in Gintama, Tsuchinoko in Kemono Friends, and Enkidu in FGO.

9. Unique Illusion Abilities

Black Maria can create illusions using her illusion mist. In chapter 1020 of One Piece, Robin attacks Jaguar D. Saul, Professor Clover and Nico Olvia, who she thought was alive. The three were revealed to be Black Maria’s subordinates disguised as them. Later, one of them says he does not believe that Black Maria’s illusion has no effect on Robin and Brook.

These are some of the fascinating facts about Black Maria in One Piece. Comment below what interests you the most about Black Maria!

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