Shinso, the Talented Student from U.A High School Who Proved His Worth in the Sports Festival
Shinso, the Talented Student from U.A High School Who Proved His Worth in the Sports Festival

Shinso, the Talented Student from U.A High School Who Proved His Worth in the Sports Festival

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Shinso, who possesses the rare ability of brainwashing, failed the hero class selection at U.A High School. Due to his non-physical abilities, he was redirected to another course. However, during the sports festival, Shinso proved his worth and impressed his mentor, Aizawa sensei, who was concerned about the selection process only favoring students with physical abilities.

Aizawa sensei was concerned for Shinso, who was not given a fair chance in the selection process. According to Aizawa sensei, it was unfair since it only favored students with physical abilities while students with non-physical abilities like Shinso were not given the same opportunity to join the hero class. However, during the sports festival, Shinso showed that his unique talent was not to be underestimated and almost defeated Izuku Midoriya from the hero class.

After the sports festival, Aizawa sensei mentored Shinso and positioned himself as Shinso’s mentor. Aizawa sensei saw himself in Shinso and believed that Shinso’s talent had incredible potential that could only grow under his tutelage. With Aizawa sensei’s guidance, Shinso became a formidable match not only in brainwashing but also in overall combat.

Shinso was not only a talented student but also a new student who had no prior experience and lacked the honed abilities of the hero class students. Nonetheless, Aizawa sensei saw his potential and made it his personal mission to help Shinso become a hero, ultimately leading to Shinso being accepted into the hero class in his second year, with the condition that he must pass the final exam.

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During his training, Aizawa sensei helped Shinso to develop and refine his abilities. Shinso idolized Aizawa sensei, which was evident by the rope he wore around his neck, a replica of the same one that Aizawa sensei wore. During their training, Shinso demonstrated his abilities with remarkable precision, just like his mentor.

Shinso’s unique talents and impressive abilities have proven that non-physical abilities deserve recognition in hero academia. With Aizawa sensei’s mentorship, Shinso has overcome the limitations imposed by the selection process at U.A High School, and his future in the hero world looks bright.

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