Unveiling the 7 Secrets of One Piece's World Government
Unveiling the 7 Secrets of One Piece's World Government

Unveiling the 7 Secrets of One Piece’s World Government

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The world of One Piece is full of mysteries, and the World Government holds the key to most of them. From the Void Century to Joy Boy’s promise and Monkey D. Luffy’s destiny, here are the 7 greatest secrets that the World Government has been hiding, as compiled by Teras our site.


1. Creation of the World Government

At the end of the great war against the Ancient Kingdom, the World Government was born. 20 kings united to fight the Ancient Kingdom and became the ruling powers, who then established the World Government. These 20 kings took residence in Mariejois, above the Red Line, and swore to conquer the Empty Throne. However, little did they know that the world was already ruled by the emperor, Im Sama.

2. Making of the Poneglyph

As the Ancient Kingdom began to lose its battle against the 20 kings during the Void Century, the members of the Kozuki clan – who were also part of the Ancient Kingdom – created the indestructible Poneglyph, which carries their history and memories. They did so to preserve their history and avoid the risk of being forgotten entirely.

3. Destruction of Shandora

Shandora, also known as the Golden City, was one of the most prosperous places of the Void Century. The city is entirely made of gold and has a significant role in the One Piece world. Shandora was ultimately destroyed as the Ancient Kingdom battled the 20 kings, toward the end of the Void Century.

4. Joy Boy’s Promise

Joy Boy was one of the most prominent figures of the Void Century and likely held a high rank within the Ancient Kingdom. He promised the fish princess, Poseidon, that he would bring her people, the Fishmen, to the surface to live in harmony with humans. Although he failed to keep his promise, his will is still alive, and Monkey D. Luffy is destined to carry it out.

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5. Giant Iron Construction

The Iron Giant construction was created by the Ancient Kingdom more than 800 years ago, fueled by an ancient resource that Vegapunk recognizes as a unique energy source. The ancient giant of destruction was built to overpower the World Government, but it was defeated and left behind in Egghead Island.

6. Construction of Pluton in Water 7

One of the Three Ancient Weapons, Pluton, was created during the Void Century by the Ancient Kingdom on Water 7 Island. It is believed that the Ancient Kingdom possesses vast knowledge and resources, allowing them to create a weapon capable of mass destruction. Although it is unknown whether the Ancient Kingdom ever used Pluton, it existed during this era and was later buried under the land of Wano.

7. The Great War

The most significant event of the Void Century is, without hesitation, the Great War between the Ancient Kingdom and the 20 allied countries of the World Government. The reason why the 20 kingdoms decided to rise against the Ancient Kingdom remains unclear, but it could be due to the latter’s technological advancements. This war lasted for an extended period, and it resulted in the defeat of the Ancient Kingdom.

The World Government has been hiding essential information about the One Piece world from its inhabitants. With these seven secrets, some of the most intriguing questions in the story’s history can finally be answered.

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