10 Must-Try Games Made by Indonesian Game Developers
10 Must-Try Games Made by Indonesian Game Developers

10 Must-Try Games Made by Indonesian Game Developers

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Indonesia’s game industry has been growing rapidly in the digital era with the emergence of modern games. The industry is not only thriving in Indonesia but has also created a marketplace for locally-developed games. Many of these games have become popular not just domestically, but also internationally, with some even competing in prestigious championships. These games offer high-quality gameplay, graphics and challenges, making them worth playing. Here are the top 10 games made by Indonesian game developers.

1. Dread Out

Digital Happiness created this horror-survival game, which has managed to capture the attention of international gaming YouTuber PewDiePie. The game, available on PC, follows high school student Linda’s journey through a haunted city, where she must solve puzzles to escape. Dread Out was also adapted into a movie in 2019, further cementing its popularity.

2. Tebak Gambar

For a more relaxed gaming experience, try Tebak Gambar. This popular mobile game can be played by people of all ages. The concept is simple: guess the image based on the clues given. Every correct answer advances the player to the next level with increasing difficulty.

3. Tahu Bulat

A famous viral Indonesian street food called Tahu Bulat inspired this game where players manage a tahu bulat food truck. The game is easy to play. Players must upgrade their food truck, create new recipes, and use clever marketing strategies to attract customers. Don’t go bankrupt!


4. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia lets you experience what it’s like to be a bus driver. The game, available on PC and mobile, offers an immersive experience where players must pick up and drop off passengers while following traffic rules.

5. Sage Fusion

This combination of adventure and visual novel with RPG gameplay follows Marlon Ziglar and his bodyguard Alvonso’s journey through a futuristic world. The stunning hand-drawn graphics make playing Sage Fusion feel like reading a manga.

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6. Orbiz

Orbiz is a top-down action role-playing game filled with monsters, treasures, and secret areas. The game offers various classes to choose from and a vast world to explore. The game’s diverse features will keep you hooked for hours.

7. Nightstream

Nightstream is an arcade-style racing game that takes you on a futuristic journey through a neon cityscape. The game provides fast-paced gameplay with a pumping soundtrack consisting of electronic music, making it a thrilling gaming experience.

8. Infinity: The Quest for Earth

This online space simulation game was developed over 9 years and is set in a realistic galaxy modeled on actual astronomical data. Players can take on various roles, including fighter pilots and traders, to explore the galaxy and make their fortune in this virtual world.

9. Pamali

Pamali is a horror-adventure game that explores Indonesian myths and folklore. The game features different stories linked to common themes and locations, with each story offering unique gameplay.

10. Tirta

Tirta is a puzzle-adventure game that follows the adventure of a young girl searching for the hidden secrets of a temple. The game’s visuals are inspired by Balinese themes, making it a fantastic portrayal of Indonesian culture.

Indonesia’s gaming industry is booming, and the above games are proof of the quality of games being developed in the country. These games offer unique experiences with stunning visuals, diverse features, and engaging gameplay. So, grab your devices and start exploring the captivating world of Indonesian games made by talented local developers.

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