Get to Know 5 Interesting Facts About Wapol from One Piece
Get to Know 5 Interesting Facts About Wapol from One Piece

Get to Know 5 Interesting Facts About Wapol from One Piece

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In the One Piece story, Tin Plate Wapol used to rule the Drum Kingdom, but now he is the King of the Black Drum Kingdom. Recently, Wapol made a comeback in Chapter 1085 of the One Piece manga, where he was spying on Im Sama. However, Im Sama discovered that Wapol was spying on him and he ran away. In this article, we will explore 5 interesting facts about Wapol in One Piece, as reported by Patriot our site – Pikiran Rakyat, from the official Fandom page.

1. A King with His Own Kingdom

Although he may not have the most pleasant appearance, Wapol is actually a king who has his own kingdom. After serving as the head of a toy company, Wapol founded his own kingdom two years later. This kingdom was granted to him by the World Noble and was named the Black Drum Kingdom. Today, Wapol rules the kingdom with his wife Kinderella and his dog Hakowan.

2. A Devil Fruit User

Wapol is a Devil Fruit user and he ate the Baku Baku no Mi type Paramecia fruit. This Devil Fruit is unique and strange because the user can transform their body into anything they eat. If they eat iron, their body will become iron.

3. Lacks Physical Strength but Has a Strong Endurance

Wapol is not known for his physical strength and lacks experience in fighting. However, he has an incredible endurance that has helped him survive various attacks. This was evident when he was able to withstand an attack from Dalton’s sword and a series of blows from Luffy.

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4. Defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates

During the Drum Island arc, Wapol was defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, particularly Luffy. He even lost his throne in the Drum Kingdom and when he tried to reclaim it, Luffy and Chopper defeated him.

5. Knew Im Sama’s True Form

In One Piece chapter 1085, Wapol was caught spying on Im Sama and saw what happened to Cobra. However, he fled when discovered by Im Sama. This indicates that Wapol knows the true form of Im Sama, which has been a mystery for a long time.

These are the 5 interesting facts about Wapol from One Piece that you should know. From being a king with his kingdom to being a Devil Fruit user with a unique fruit, Wapol has many fascinating features. Although he may not be the strongest enemy that the Straw Hat Pirates have faced, his endurance and intelligence have made him a memorable character.

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