10 Best Mermaid Games to Play on Android for Girls
10 Best Mermaid Games to Play on Android for Girls

10 Best Mermaid Games to Play on Android for Girls

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Are you looking for fun and exciting games for girls to play on their Android devices? Look no further than mermaid games! With a variety of games on the PlayStore, you can choose the best game for your little girl to enjoy. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best mermaid games to play on Android for girls.

1. Mermaid-Treasure Match-3: In this game, you must complete a series of challenging puzzles to win rewards from the mermaid princess.

2. Mermaid Rescue Love Story: Follow the storyline of this game as you help a mermaid and a human overcome obstacles to be together.

3. Mermaid Salon: Makeover a beautiful mermaid with facial treatments, hairstyling, makeup, and the perfect dress.


4. Mermaids Makeover Salon: This simple game lets you do a makeover on a mermaid, putting makeup and different outfits on her.

5. Mermaid Princess Spa Salon: Take care of a mermaid princess in your salon as you dress her up and make her look more beautiful.

6. Mermaid Princess: Explore the beautiful ocean with the mermaid princess and her friends as you help them get over a curse.

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7. Mermaid Makeup Salon: Use your makeup skills to make a mermaid look gorgeous.

8. Mermaid Secrets 1 – The Mermaid Princess: Solve puzzles and help the mermaid escape from danger in this thrilling game.

9. Little Mermaid Rescue: Help the little mermaid as she tries to free the sea world from evil forces.

10. My Little Mermaid Crush: Follow the love story of a mermaid and a handsome prince in this romantic game.

Overall, these mermaid games provide fun and exciting ways for girls to explore the underwater world and indulge their love of dressing up, hairstyling, and makeup. These games are perfect for any girl who loves mermaids and wants to use her creativity in a fun and engaging way. Download these games today and let the fun begin!

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