Zunisha's Revelation in Egghead Unlocks Mysteries of Joy Boy and Monkey D Luffy's Destiny in One Piece 1083
Zunisha's Revelation in Egghead Unlocks Mysteries of Joy Boy and Monkey D Luffy's Destiny in One Piece 1083

Zunisha’s Revelation in Egghead Unlocks Mysteries of Joy Boy and Monkey D Luffy’s Destiny in One Piece 1083

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The latest chapter of One Piece is a revelation of prominent mysteries that had puzzled fans for years. The striking moment occurred after the emergence of Zunisha in Egghead, which blocked the Gorosei and the Marines and claimed that Monkey D Luffy is Joy Boy, leaving the One Piece universe in an upheaval.


Zunisha proceeds to obliterate the Marine fleet under Gorosei’s leadership as it seeks revenge for the government’s aggression and attempts to activate Buster Call on Egghead. Joy Boy had warned the ancient elephant to fulfill the promise he had made to the Fish-Men about Noah, and the revelation by Zunisha that Luffy might be Joy Boy has fans buzzing.

The mystery surrounding Joy Boy and his connection to Luffy goes back to the Fish-Man Island Arc where Joy Boy asked the Fish-Man to keep Noah safe until he fulfilled the promise. Fans speculate that Joy Boy was a mighty figure of the past, considering Zunisha’s age of approximately 1000 years ago. Luffy, on the contrary, is only 20 years old, so how can he be Joy Boy?

Some fans claim that Zunisha made a mistake by assuming Luffy was Joy Boy, while others believe that Luffy could be a reincarnation of Joy Boy himself. While the puzzle concerning the link between Joy Boy and Luffy continues to haunt fans, a theory circulating suggests that Luffy was born of the Heart of Joy Boy made of crystal.

According to the story, when Joy Boy passed away, his heart crystallized and continued to beat, leading to the creation of new life. In a later time, the government of Gorosei and Im Sama created an artificial being, which brought characters like the Straw Hat, Dragons, and Dragons’ brothers to life.

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The history of Rocks D Xebec reveals that he was the first artificial creature of immense power, and the government planned his ultimate destruction by collaborating with Garp, ending in his death. During the God Valley incident, while Xebec lay dying, he handed a crystal to Roger and Garp, which had the capacity to create life.

Later on, Garp gave the crystal to his son, Dragon, who awakened it ritualistically at the sacred temple of the dragons. The crystal transformed into a golden heart and gradually became a baby. Dragon gave the baby to Garp, and they named him Luffy.

With Luffy’s growth, the past continues to tie him with Joy Boy, and the prophecy seems to fulfill itself as the Final Saga of One Piece begins.


The revelation of Zunisha in Egghead has unleashed a wave of new theories and mysteries, including the possibility of Luffy being Joy Boy. With the final saga of One Piece about to unfold, the fans are brimming with excitement, and the quest to unravel the secrets that bind Joy Boy and Luffy continues.

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