Zoro's Superhuman Powers in One Piece - Unleashing Strengths Against Kaido and King
Zoro's Superhuman Powers in One Piece - Unleashing Strengths Against Kaido and King

Zoro’s Superhuman Powers in One Piece – Unleashing Strengths Against Kaido and King

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Zoro from One Piece has always been known as a strong character, but his superhuman powers were showcased in the battle against Yonkou Kaido on the Onigashima island. In this fight, Zoro displayed a range of incredible abilities, from his swordsmanship to the awakening of his conqueror haki. His swordsmanship improved significantly during the two-year time skip after training with the strongest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk.

It wasn’t until Zoro’s fight against Kaido and King, one of Yonkou’s commanders, that his superhuman powers were fully revealed. Several scenes in the manga and anime portray Zoro’s strengths, such as his ability to withstand the combined attack of Kaido and Big Mom. Furthermore, Zoro injured Kaido with Enma, his sword, and potentially awakened his conqueror haki while demonstrating his Ashura technique.

All of Zoro’s superhuman powers are the result of his hard work and dedication to physical training. Out of the nine members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro is the only one who never misses a single physical training to become stronger. Many One Piece fans believe that Zoro is a suitable candidate for the vice-captain position on the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship. If he has indeed awakened his conqueror or haoshoku haki, he may prove to be a worthy opponent to Akagami’s vice-captain Benn Beckman.

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Benn Beckman is known for his strength and intelligence as Akagami’s vice-captain. He relies heavily on his haki abilities, which have advanced to the point where he can channel haki through objects, such as bullets. Beckman’s powers are frequently compared to those of Shanks, who is known to have the strongest haoshoku haki in One Piece.

Similarly, Zoro’s abilities are often compared to those of Luffy, the captain, despite depending on the power of his devil fruit. However, this can become a disadvantage for the respective pirate groups since their vice-captains’ strengths can be seen as a significant threat to the Navy and the World Government.

While Zoro’s and Benn Beckman’s powers may be equal, the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates cannot match the haki abilities possessed by Beckman, who is unaware of his conqueror haki. This means that Zoro has yet to develop his conqueror haki to fully unleash his superhuman power. Nonetheless, with the relentless dedication and training, it’s only a matter of time before Zoro becomes an unstoppable force in One Piece.

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