Why Tenryuubito Don't Eat Devil Fruits in One Piece
Why Tenryuubito Don't Eat Devil Fruits in One Piece

Why Tenryuubito Don’t Eat Devil Fruits in One Piece

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In the world of One Piece, the Tenryuubito, also known as Heavenly Dragons, hold a notorious reputation. Rumored to be oppressive and lacking regard for others, they are seen as antagonists by some One Piece fans. One particular Tenryuubito, Shanks, is of interest due to his decision not to consume Devil Fruits, unique artifacts in the One Piece universe that grant supernatural powers. In this article, we explore the reasons behind the Tenryuubito’s avoidance of Devil Fruits and how it aligns with their desire for control.

The Tenryuubito are recognized by their distinctive white clothes and unique helmets. They wield pistols as weapons, unlike other characters who rely on Devil Fruit abilities. It is believed that the Tenryuubito possess knowledge about the origins and curse of Devil Fruits, distinguishing them from the general population.

Devil Fruits, as explained by the Tenryuubito, are creations that embody the greatest desires of humanity. With each fruit granting a unique power, they are sought after by many. However, consuming a Devil Fruit comes at a significant cost – the loss of the ability to swim. The sea itself is said to curse those who possess Devil Fruit powers, making it impossible for them to swim and putting them in great peril.

Interestingly, the Tenryuubito distribute Devil Fruits to their slaves for entertainment. They are well aware of the risks and health consequences associated with consuming these fruits, yet they choose to wield control through power and authority rather than through the use of Devil Fruit abilities. Shanks, along with other Tenryuubito, shares this sentiment and prefers not to rely on external powers.

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Shanks’ decision not to eat a Devil Fruit is influenced by his understanding of the potential negative effects. By abstaining from this power, he maintains control over his own destiny and avoids the curses associated with Devil Fruits. This choice aligns with the behavior of other Tenryuubito, who oppress and delegate tasks to the Marines, relying on their authority and power rather than supernatural abilities.

In conclusion, the Tenryuubito, including Shanks, do not consume Devil Fruits due to their knowledge of the origins and curse of these artifacts. They understand the risks and negative consequences associated with them, leading them to rely on their authority and power to control others. By distributing Devil Fruits to their slaves for entertainment, they maintain their dominance while avoiding the curses that come with these unnatural powers. Shanks’ avoidance of Devil Fruits is consistent with the behavior of other Tenryuubito, rooted in their knowledge, power, and desire for control.

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