Why Characters in One Piece Choose Not to Fight Against Shanks: Exploring Motives and Impact
Why Characters in One Piece Choose Not to Fight Against Shanks: Exploring Motives and Impact

Why Characters in One Piece Choose Not to Fight Against Shanks: Exploring Motives and Impact

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When it comes to the thrilling world of One Piece, there are several instances where characters have made the intriguing choice of not engaging in combat against the formidable Shanks. This article delves into their reasons and examines the profound impact of Shanks’ presence on the ongoing storyline of One Piece.

In the midst of the tumultuous events at Marineford, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Dracule Mihawk, surprisingly refrained from clashing swords with Shanks. This decision raises questions about the nature of their relationship and the underlying dynamics between them. Similarly, the notorious pirate Kurohige, also known as Blackbeard, turned down the opportunity to continue the bloody conflict at the request of Shanks. These instances hint at a deeper connection or understanding that exists between these characters.

Even the revered Marine forces under the leadership of Sengoku acquiesced to Shanks’ plea to end the battle. The fact that the Marines, who are sworn enemies of pirates, agreed to halt their fight speaks volumes about the respect and influence that Shanks wields in the world of One Piece. Furthermore, Ryokugyu, one of the newly introduced Marine Admirals, displayed extraordinary judgment by opting not to confront Shanks when he sensed the immense power of his Haoshoku Haki. This decision showcases the awe and reverence even powerful individuals hold for Shanks.

On the other hand, there are characters like Eustass Kid, who attempted to challenge Shanks, only to meet with defeat. This event accentuates the strength and prowess possessed by Shanks, further solidifying his reputation as one of the most formidable pirates in the series.


The characters who chose not to engage in combat with Shanks may have a myriad of reasons for their decisions. Dracule Mihawk’s decision could be attributed to a complex history or relationship with Shanks, while Kurohige’s choice might stem from a hidden motive or a sense of honor among pirates. As for Sengoku and Ryokugyu, their decisions likely highlight the recognition of Shanks’ unmatched power and the desire to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

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To gain a deeper understanding of these captivating encounters, readers can explore specific chapters of the One Piece manga, such as 580 and 1055, where the events surrounding Shanks’ interactions with these characters are detailed. These chapters provide valuable insights into the character development and the impact of Shanks’ actions on the larger narrative.

It is essential to mention that the author highlights the strengths of the characters who choose not to fight against Shanks. This acknowledgment adds depth to their personalities and further emphasizes the awe-inspiring presence of Shanks.

Considering the significance of these encounters, one cannot help but wonder what would have happened if a character decided to take up the daunting challenge of fighting against Shanks. The implications and potential outcomes of such a clash remain a tantalizing source of speculation and discussion among fans of One Piece.

In conclusion, the choices made by characters in One Piece, such as Dracule Mihawk, Kurohige, Sengoku, Ryokugyu, and Eustass Kid, to refrain from engaging in combat with Shanks are captivating and reveal intriguing aspects of their relationships, motives, and recognition of Shanks’ power. These encounters and decisions contribute significantly to the ongoing storyline of One Piece, building anticipation and curiosity among fans. It is a testament to the complexity and depth of the series that even the mightiest characters pause when faced with the enigmatic presence of Shanks.

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