Exciting Fights in the Naruto Chunin Exam Arc
Exciting Fights in the Naruto Chunin Exam Arc

Exciting Fights in the Naruto Chunin Exam Arc

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The Naruto anime series has a beloved arc called the Chunin Exam. This arc features one-on-one battles among the Genin participants, testing their skills and determining who is worthy of becoming a Chunin. In the Naruto Boruto anime, the Chunin Exam took a different approach due to the large number of participants. Let’s explore some of the exciting fights that took place in the Chunin Exam.

One of the battles in the preliminary round of the Chunin Exam was between Dosu and Choji. It proved to be a disappointing yet amusing fight. Choji showcased his ability to increase his size and strength, but Dosu’s sound-based attacks overwhelmed him.

Another imbalanced fight was between Tenten and Temari. Tenten, unfortunately, failed to harm Temari, who showcased her mastery of fan-based wind attacks. It was clear that Tenten was outmatched.

Sakura and Ino’s battle ended in an unsatisfying tie. Sakura, with the help of her inner self, managed to save herself from defeat. The fight highlighted their complicated friendship and rivalry.


Kankurō’s puppet fighting skills were showcased in his battle against Misumi. Kankurō skillfully manipulated his puppet to take down Misumi, demonstrating his expertise in this unique style of combat.

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In Shino’s fight against Zaku, he displayed his intelligence and strategic abilities. Shino used his bugs to counter Zaku’s sound-based attacks, ultimately overpowering him with his precise tactics.

Shikamaru’s battle with Kin highlighted his cleverness and ability to overcome obstacles. Despite the odds stacked against him, Shikamaru outsmarted Kin and emerged victorious.

These fights, among others, contributed to the overall excitement and progression of the Chunin Exam storyline. They showcased the diverse abilities of different characters and provided unexpected outcomes that kept viewers engaged.

The Naruto Boruto series continues to captivate fans with its engaging fights and character development. The Chunin Exam arc remains a fan-favorite, thanks to the memorable battles it features. Whether you’re an avid fan or new to the series, the Chunin Exam fights are a must-watch for any Naruto enthusiast.

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