Who Should Be the Next Hokage in the Boruto Series: Shikamaru or Kakashi?
Who Should Be the Next Hokage in the Boruto Series: Shikamaru or Kakashi?

Who Should Be the Next Hokage in the Boruto Series: Shikamaru or Kakashi?

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When it comes to the future leadership of Konoha in the Boruto series, there is a heated debate among fans about who should become the next Hokage. Should it be the intellectual and strategic Shikamaru, or the experienced and beloved Kakashi?

The transition of power is an important aspect of any successful story, and the world of Naruto and Boruto is no exception. With Naruto expected to step down as Hokage, it seems natural for Shikamaru to take his place. After all, he has been a trusted advisor and close confidant to Naruto throughout his journey, indicating a natural progression in Konoha’s hierarchy.

However, some fans argue that Kakashi would be a more suitable candidate for the Hokage position. While he did previously serve as the Sixth Hokage, his role was not explored extensively in the main story. This leaves many unanswered questions about his time as the leader of Konoha and how it shaped his character.

Kakashi’s experience and growth as a character throughout the Naruto series make him a compelling choice for Hokage. From his days as a nonchalant and aloof ninja to a wise and respected figure, Kakashi has gone through tremendous development. His journey has captivated fans, and they believe that giving him another chance at the Hokage role would provide further depth to his character.


Moreover, Kakashi’s return as Hokage could allow for the exploration of his relationship with his former student, Sasuke. While their bond was touched upon in Naruto, there is much more to be unearthed. Kakashi’s influence on Sasuke, alongside his impact on the village, would make for an intriguing storyline.

The choice of Kakashi as Hokage also aligns with his character development and Konoha’s response to crises. Throughout the Naruto series, Kakashi has consistently stepped up to the plate during times of chaos and danger. His temporary act as Hokage when Minato, the Fourth Hokage, died reflects a similar situation in the past and creates a satisfying full-circle narrative with the legendary leader Hiruzen.

Another interesting avenue that Kakashi becoming Hokage presents is the possibility of him secretly working with Sarada, Naruto’s daughter. This situation could parallel how Hiruzen worked with Itachi in the past for the greater good of Konoha. Seeing Kakashi’s intelligence and skill in action once again would be a treat for fans and could potentially provide crucial clues about the mysterious character Kawaki and his true intentions.

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In addition, some fans argue that Kakashi’s lack of family obligations, unlike Shikamaru, may make him a more reliable Hokage. With no personal commitments to tie him down, Kakashi could dedicate himself wholeheartedly to the role and be fully focused on the responsibility of leading Konoha.

On the other hand, concerns have been raised about Shikamaru’s character as Hokage and the potential lack of new elements it may bring to the story. Shikamaru’s previous antagonistic behavior towards outsiders, especially towards Kawaki, may not offer much fresh perspective or development to the plot.

Fans who were excited to see Shikamaru take on the role of Hokage in the main Boruto anime were left disappointed when his character was not explored further. This further amplifies the desire to see Kakashi, a beloved and well-established character, return to a key position and provide a fresh perspective and development to the role.

Ultimately, both Shikamaru and Kakashi have their merits when it comes to the position of Hokage. Shikamaru’s intellect and strategic abilities make him a strong candidate, while Kakashi’s experience, wisdom, and lack of family obligations set him apart. Perhaps the best outcome would be a joint leadership between the two, combining their strengths and ensuring a harmonious future for Konoha and its shinobi.

In conclusion, the debate over who should become the next Hokage in the Boruto series continues to divide fans. While Shikamaru seems like the natural successor to Naruto, others argue that Kakashi’s experience, growth as a character, and potential story arcs make him a more appealing choice. Only time will tell who will take on the mantle of leadership in Konoha, and fans eagerly await the outcome with bated breath.

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