Who is Vegapunk York in One Piece? Meet the Betrayer from Egghead Island
Who is Vegapunk York in One Piece? Meet the Betrayer from Egghead Island

Who is Vegapunk York in One Piece? Meet the Betrayer from Egghead Island

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One Piece: Meet Vegapunk York, the Betrayer from Egghead Island who Shot Shaka’s Head – For all the One Piece manga readers out there, you must be familiar with York. He is one of the clones created by Vegapunk. York caught the attention of the Straw Hat Crew after his actions that threatened the lives of Luffy and his crew, as well as the other Vegapunks.

York managed to hold the Straw Hat crew in Egghead Island and activated Seraphim to fight against the Vegapunks and Luffy. Besides, York was the shooter who fatally hit Shaka’s head, and he had dreams of becoming a Tenryubito. So let’s take a look at the Vegapunk York character, as reported by One Piece fandom.

Profile of Vegapunk York

York made his debut in One Piece chapter 1065, and he is a young woman with an abnormal size. Her appearance with long blonde hair and spots under her eyes. She wore a Punk-06 shirt with a bright jacket, a pair of bikini bottoms, dark gloves, and knee-high dark boots. She also wore a pair of glasses on her forehead.

York is the personification of greed from Vegapunk, and she is a lazy and selfish individual who only eats, sleeps, and passes waste. She has a bland personality, often yawning or making comments about food or sleep. However, she is dangerous when approaching Seraphim because York thinks she is amusing. She believes that there should only be one Vegapunk in the world and doesn’t oppose the removal of her fellow Vegapunks if necessary.

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York’s Manipulative Nature

York is very manipulative, and she has orchestrated most of the incidents that happened during the Egghead Arc without raising any suspicion. This includes significant events such as contacting the Five Elders about Vegapunk’s historical research or repeatedly kidnapping Cipher Pol agents.

York is also a skilled shooter who fatally hit Shaka’s head with a simple pistol from quite a distance. Despite her lazy nature, she has formidable skills and is ruthless when it comes to achieving her goals.

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