Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area Part II Synopsis and Review
Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area Part II Synopsis and Review

Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area Part II Synopsis and Review

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Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area Part II Synopsis

Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area Part II is an action, crime, and thriller genre movie directed by Kim Hong Seon. The movie released in 2022 starring Yoo Ji Tae, Park Hae-soo, Jeon Jong Seo, Lee Won Jong, Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Yoon Jung, Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Gyu Ho, and Im Ji Yeon. The story revolves around Professor and his team, who plan a robbery not only to get a significant amount of money but also to fulfill their personal revenge. The movie has some romantic elements too as Professor has to hide his feelings towards Woo Jin to succeed in this plan.


Professor’s team is working hard to carry out their plan successfully after Moo Hyuk gets his fingerprint. Professor has to be extra vigilant as Berlin and his friends rely on him for the right strategy. The path to obtaining billions of won is not easy as he has to suppress his feelings for Woo Jin. The robbery plan is not only to get a lot of money but also to settle personal scores. Throughout six episodes, the viewers will experience emotional tension along with Professor, Berlin, Tokyo, Denver, and a new character named Seoul.

Cha Moo Hyuk suspects Professor or Park Sun Ho and secretly gets his fingerprint. Without wasting time, Moo Hyuk goes to the police to ask for an analysis. Professor knows about this plan as he is still wiretapping Moo Hyuk’s phone. Rio hacks the messages and calls on Moo Hyuk’s phone to prevent him from thwarting their plan. As a result, Seon Woo Jin suspects Moo Hyuk of being a traitor and working with the robbers. Professor successfully captures Moo Hyuk, who tries to inform Woo Jin of the evidence he found.

Woo Jin, in turn, finally finds out that the robbers are printing 4 billion won. However, he is confused when he is ordered to stop wiretapping in the printing press building. Kim Sang Man, a council member, and Woo Jin’s ex-husband are behind this order. Woo Jin panics even more when he learns about Kim Sang Man’s plan to kill Anne. From the start, they did not care about the hostages as it was essential to Kim Sang Man that everything finishes quickly. Woo Jin then shares Kim Sang Man’s plan with Professor. To prevent any casualties, Professor passes the information to Berlin and his friends.

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Chaos ensues as Berlin suspects Rio of being a spy who helped trap Anne. Eventually, it leads to a massive showdown between the two groups, and somehow all the hostages are released. The police finally catch up, and the robbers are surrounded. In the end, they plan an escape and leave the scene, but Professor realizes that Tokyo is not with them. The movie concludes with a cliffhanger where viewers are left guessing whether Tokyo survived or not.


Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area Part II is an intense and action-packed movie with a hint of romance. The plot is well crafted, and the actors have done an excellent job of bringing their characters to life. The pace of the movie is fast, and there are enough twists and turns to keep the viewers hooked until the end. The interactions between characters are natural, and the emotional moments are touching. The series’ cinematography and editing deserve a special mention for making the viewers experience the robbers’ tension and thrill. There are no dull moments in the movie, and the ending leaves one eager to watch the next installment.


Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area Part II is an engaging and captivating movie that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. The plot is well-developed, and the actors deliver a stellar performance. The movie has a perfect mix of romance, action, and emotional moments that keep the viewers hooked. It is an evergreen content that enthusiasts of the action genre will enjoy. The cliffhanger ending creates anticipation for the next installment, making it an excellent movie to watch with family and friends.

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