What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat? Reasons and Solutions
What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat? Reasons and Solutions

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat? Reasons and Solutions

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Are you struggling with Snapchat’s pending status and looking for solutions? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain what does pending mean on Snapchat and how you can fix it.

When you text or send a snap on Snapchat, you may notice that your delivered message or snap has been marked as a grey arrow, which means the message is pending. In contrast, if your sent message is marked as a blue arrow, it signifies that your message is delivered. If your message is still undelivered and is showing pending status, there can be various reasons behind it.

Reasons for Pending Status on Snapchat:

1. The person is not your friend: Firstly, verify whether the person to whom you sent a message is included on your friend list or not. Snapchat does not allow you to deliver messages to individuals who are not on your friend list. If the person has removed you from his/her friend list, you will not be able to send them messages.


2. You might be blocked by that person: If you are blocked, your messages will not be delivered to that person, and your message status will remain as pending. Check if you can see the person’s profile on Snapchat. If not, it means you have been blocked by that person.

3. Your friend’s Snapchat account is deactivated: If your snap is not delivered to a particular person, it might be possible that the user has deactivated his/her Snapchat account. If that user logs back into his/her account within 30 days, he/she will be able to reactivate their deactivated account easily, and your pending snap/message will also be delivered at that moment.

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4. Glitch from Snapchat: Sometimes, apps face glitches and do not work well. If you find that your Snapchat account is not working properly, your message will not be delivered, and a pending status will appear alongside. Clear the storage capacity and update the app to resolve this issue.

5. Large media file: Check whether the files that you are sending via Snapchat, contain large media or not. if your media file size is substantial, such as videos or high-resolution images, it will consume significant time to be delivered to your friend’s account, but it will ultimately be delivered.

To conclude, Snapchat pending error can cause inconvenience to users, but mainly it happens due to the reasons mentioned above. You can easily fix these issues once you identify them and take the necessary steps. We hope that this article will provide the necessary knowledge about Snapchat pending status, its reasons, and solutions.

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