War of The Worlds Synopsis and Review Film
War of The Worlds Synopsis and Review Film

War of The Worlds Synopsis and Review Film

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War of The Worlds is a science fiction movie starring the famous Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise, directed by Steven Spielberg, and based on the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells. The screenplay was written by Josh Friedman and David Koepp.

The movie is about a father, Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise), who struggles to protect his children when extraterrestrial beings attack Earth using their war machines known as the Tripods. Released in 2005, the film grossed over $603 million and became the fourth most successful film of that year. It was also nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing.


The movie is set in Brooklyn, New York, where Ray Ferrier works as a machine operator in a port. One day, his ex-wife, Mary Ann, drops off their two children, Robbie and Rachel, at his place before she heads to Boston to visit her parents. Just as she leaves, a sudden change in weather causes multiple lightning strikes, which disrupt the electricity supply. Suddenly, a war machine from outer space appears on the streets, causing chaos and destruction in the city.

Ray takes his children and they flee the city, seeking refuge in a vacant house owned by his ex-wife. The next day, they discover the wreckage of a downed airplane on the road. News reports reveal that multiple Tripod war machines have attacked cities around the world, including New York. These machines are manned by alien pilots and have shields to protect them from human weapons.


After surviving the Tripod attack, Ray decides to take his children to Boston to reunite with their mother, Mary Ann. As the U.S. military battles the extraterrestrial beings on the streets, Ray and his family are separated. Rachel is taken in by a couple of grandparents, while Robbie decides to join the fight as a military recruit.

Ray meets Rachel again, and they take refuge in an underground room in a farmstead owned by Harlan Ogilvy. For two days, they remain hidden from the aliens who are operating the Tripods and have not found their whereabouts yet. Ray and Harlan notice that the aliens are planting red-colored plants in the entire farmstead, which grow rapidly and cover the underground room. The two men conclude that the aliens intend to transform Earth’s environment just like their own planet.

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Movie Review

Although War of the Worlds may not be the smartest science fiction film ever made, it has an intense and frightening atmosphere that captures the feeling of human helplessness against a dominant extraterrestrial force. The movie is similar to Independence Day (1996) in terms of its intensity and simplistic plot, but it manages to deliver a gripping and suspenseful story.

The movie’s special effects and sound mixing are impressive, making the Tripod war machines terrifyingly realistic. Tom Cruise gives a convincing performance as a father who will do anything to protect his children. Dakota Fanning, who portrays Ray’s daughter, Rachel, delivers an outstanding performance despite her young age.

The movie’s weakness lies in its character development, which felt underserved. Despite this, War of the Worlds is still a gripping and intense science fiction movie worth watching.


War of The Worlds is a thrilling science fiction movie that depicts the struggle of humanity against a dominant extraterrestrial force. The cinematography, sound mixing, and special effects are top-notch, while Tom Cruise delivers a compelling performance as the lead character. Although the movie’s plot may feel simplistic, it still manages to deliver a gripping and intense story that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

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