Unveiling the Destructive Power of Mother Flame in One Piece 1086
Unveiling the Destructive Power of Mother Flame in One Piece 1086

Unveiling the Destructive Power of Mother Flame in One Piece 1086

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As Sabo witnessed the horrifying power of the Mother Flame, he unraveled the mystery behind the destruction of the Lulusia kingdom in One Piece 1086. It appears that the power that Sabo saw in the skies, targeting Lulusia, was not the doings of Im Sama, but rather a weapon created by Vegapunk called the Mother Flame. The vegapunk’s creation was so powerful that it had Sabo retelling a story of a huge shadow over Lulusia, followed by the disappearance of all its living creatures.

From the dialogue between Im Sama and Gorosei in One Piece 1086, it became clear that there was no prior use of the Mother Flame since its creation by Vegapunk. The Gorosei seemed to be hesitant in releasing the weapon and opted to have it tested in forests and oceans. However, Im Sama demanded that the weapon be directed at Lulusia.

In One Piece 1087, it was revealed why Im Sama allowed Sabo to flee despite having the power to kill him. Sabo, who was present at the moment of destruction in Lulusia, was shaken as he recounted the event to the Revolutionary Army. Im Sama targeted Lulusia because it was the nearest target, and the people of Lulusia were showing signs of rebellion.

Sabo survived because he was already on a ship that was departing from Lulusia. He also revealed his arrival moments before the Mother Flame was fired, where he witnessed the heinous acts of the World Government, as they captured the rulers of Lulusia, King Seki and Princess Komane.


Sabo’s survival was due to his position as an infiltrator and not a resident of Lulusia. He had support from his friend Betty, who was vocal about fighting against the World Government and, therefore, did not have to reveal his identity.

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It would seem that the destruction of Lulusia was caused by Vegapunk’s Mother Flame and not Im Sama’s power, as some fans had speculated. One Piece 1086 also revealed the whereabouts of Jewelry Bonney and Nefertari Vivi. Bonney seemed to be on the royal ship Tajine, while Vivi was traveling on the royal ship Aegis with Wapol and Big News Morgans as a stowaway.

In One Piece 1086, Sabo unravels the identity of Im Sama as one of the 20 creators of the universe in One Piece. This creation began 800 years ago, as revealed by Cobra and Gorosei in Pagea Castle, which also uncovered the identity of Nefertari Lily and the D clan. Im Sama came from the Nerona family and possessed the ability to grant immortality, as predicted by Emporio Ivankov.

The five elders of Gorosei were also revealed, along with their roles. Interestingly, Saint Masus Mars is a warrior god of the environment, while Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is a scientific defense warrior god. Saint Shepherd Ju Peter is a blond-haired farming warrior god, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro is a bespectacled bald financial warrior god, and Saint Topman Valkyrie is a large mustached law warrior god.

In conclusion, the power of the Mother Flame was a destructive weapon created by Vegapunk and not Im Sama. The destruction of Lulusia was caused by this enormous weapon, and the people of Lulusia were showing signs of rebellion. With the revelation of Im Sama’s identity and the five elders, the plot only thickens for One Piece fans.

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