Secrets of Shanks Family Revealed in One Piece 1087
Secrets of Shanks Family Revealed in One Piece 1087

Secrets of Shanks Family Revealed in One Piece 1087

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Eiichiro Oda finally confirmed the official background of Akagami no Shanks in One Piece 1087. In One Piece 1087, it was confirmed that despite being a pirate, Shanks was actually a part of the Tenryuubito. Not only that, but his family was also highly respected and feared by the entire world, including the Gorosei and the Navy. In this article, we will discuss the secrets of the Shanks family as revealed in One Piece 1087.

Recently, fans were surprised by the figure of Saint Figarland Garling, the leader of the Holy Knight who was given the authority to execute the Tenryuubito. He is the only figure who was authorized by Im Sama to kill a Tenryuubito. In Movie Red, Gorosei explained that Uta has Figarland’s family blood because she is the daughter of Shanks. These facts finally explain why Shanks was able to meet the Gorosei.

Even the Gorosei themselves said that they spent time with Shanks because he was a Tenryuubito from the Figarland family. Recently, Oda also confirmed that Saint Figarland Garling was once a king in God Valley. God Valley was the place where Shanks was found by Pirate Roger. Just like Doflamingo, although he was a pirate, Shanks’ royal blood is still recognized. Moreover, Shanks is also known to be very strong, so the Gorosei respected him like a Tenryuubito.

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During the Great Marineford War, Sengoku immediately obeyed Shanks’ words to end the war. Even Akainu seemed to obey Shanks’ orders by not forcing to fight like what was done to Shirohige. That means the Figarland family consists of strong and respected people by the Navy and the Gorosei. It is interesting to look forward to Oda revealing the flashback of Shanks’ family in One Piece 1087.

In conclusion, One Piece 1087 confirms that Shanks is a Tenryuubito and his family is feared and respected by the world. Fans are eagerly waiting for Oda to reveal the glimpses of Shanks’ family in One Piece 1087.

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