Unveiling Morgans 'Big News' Abilities and Powers in One Piece: Providing 'Protection' for Wapol and Vivi
Unveiling Morgans 'Big News' Abilities and Powers in One Piece: Providing 'Protection' for Wapol and Vivi

Unveiling Morgans ‘Big News’ Abilities and Powers in One Piece: Providing ‘Protection’ for Wapol and Vivi

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If you are a fan of the One Piece manga, you may be familiar with the trending character, Morgans ‘Big News’. As one of the founders of the largest newspaper company in the One Piece world, Morgans ‘Big News’ plays a crucial role in the current story arc of the manga. Recently, Wapol and Princess Nefertari Vivi had a meeting with him in Levely, and the resulting news has created a stir among the One Piece fans. In this article, we will delve into Morgans ‘Big News’ abilities and powers, particularly in granting ‘protection’ to Wapol and Nefertari Vivi.


Morgans ‘Big News’ has impressive abilities and powers that make him one of the most influential people in the One Piece world. As per the One Piece Fandom website, he is responsible for the World Economy News, which gives him control over the news and information he provides to the people. He has access to information that is not available to ordinary individuals. His knowledge of Big Mom’s acquisition of Tamatebako and Soul Pocus technique is a testament to this.

Moreover, Morgans ‘Big News’ is the boss of the Underworld, which is another indication of his immense power and influence. His influence reaches far beyond the newspaper industry and into the criminal underworld of the One Piece world. As the leader of the Underworld, he commands immense power and resources, and has a vast network of associates he can call upon to support his endeavors.

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During Levely, Wapol witnessed something that prompted Morgans ‘Big News’ to offer him ‘protection’. Surprisingly, even Princess Nefertari Vivi, who accompanied Wapol, also received the same protection. We can assume that Morgans ‘Big News’ has significant influence and power, and offering his protection to individuals can be seen as a massive favor.

In summary, Morgans ‘Big News’ is a character whose power and influence are vast, and he wields them wisely. His abilities to control and disseminate information make him a crucial player in the One Piece world. Furthermore, his status as the boss of the Underworld provides him with considerable influence over illicit organizations, making him a valuable ally or dangerous adversary. It will be interesting to see how his character develops in the continuing story arc of One Piece.

In conclusion, Morgans ‘Big News’ is an integral character in the One Piece world, and his abilities and powers make him one of the most powerful individuals in the story. His offer of protection to Wapol and Nefertari Vivi is a testament to his influence and power. We can only imagine what other tricks Morgans ‘Big News’ has up his sleeve. It will be exciting to see how his character continues to develop in the future of the manga.

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