Top 10 Most Emotional Episodes in One Piece That Will Make You Cry
Top 10 Most Emotional Episodes in One Piece That Will Make You Cry

Top 10 Most Emotional Episodes in One Piece That Will Make You Cry

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One Piece is not just another adventure story in the manga and anime world, it’s a journey that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. From imaginative world-building, good humor, to intense action, this brilliant series delivers everything that fans want. But, the emotional aspect of One Piece is far greater and deeper than what we first see. The show is full of heartbreaking moments that will leave anyone in tears. In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 10 most emotional episodes in One Piece that will make you cry.

1. Nami Asks Luffy To Save Her From Arlong (Episode 37)

Arlong Park arc is considered a turning point in the One Piece narrative. Episode 37 cements Nami’s place as a loyal member of Luffy’s crew. Nami’s request for help is heartbreaking, and it’s impossible to hold back tears as she pleads with Luffy to save her. Of course, the captain accepts her request and lets her hold on to her beloved hat.

2. Vivi’s Goodbye To The Straw Hat Pirates (Episode 129)

Princess Vivi accompanies the Straw Hat Pirates on their journey through the Grand Line to her home kingdom. Despite being an honorary crew member, Vivi understands that she cannot continue sailing with the Straw Hat Pirates. Her departure in episode 129 is heart-wrenching as she bids farewell to her friends. The Straw Hat Pirates, however, do not let her decision affect their invaluable friendship with her and they continue to treat her as a valuable ally.

3. Robin Is The Only Survivor Of Ohara (Episode 277)

Robin’s tragic backstory is one of the most emotional character developments in One Piece. Episode 277 shows the devastating destruction of Ohara, the island Robin calls home, by CP9. The little girl bears witness to the burning of her home and the scholars that hid her true identity. Her mother, Olvia, is among the casualties, and the episode is impossible to watch without shedding tears.

4. The Straw Hat Pirates Say Goodbye To Going Merry (Episode 312)

Going Merry is not just a ship for the Straw Hat Pirates; it’s their closest companion. Saying goodbye to their beloved vessel in episode 312 is a heartbreaking scene that will move anyone to tears. The melancholic music played during Merry’s Viking funeral only adds to the sadness. However, the crew’s thank you message to their cherished ship symbolizes that Merry is ready to rest and accepts its fate with courage.

5. Brook Becomes The Sole Survivor Of His Crew (Episode 380)

Brook’s second chance at life through the Yomi Yomi no Mi is a bittersweet scenario that brings tears to the viewers’ eyes. Episode 380 concludes the tragic adventure of the Rumbar Pirates, Brook’s former crew, fifty years prior. As they are ambushed in the Florian Triangle, they accept that death is looming closer. The musical crew record their last performance for their friend, the whale Laboon, hoping that Brook will survive to tell the tale of their fate.

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6. Bon Clay Believes In Luffy’s Recovery Despite All Obstacles (Episode 440)

Luffy’s reunion with his former Baroque Works agent, Bon Clay, in Impel Down is a fun and heartwarming moment. Their fight for friendship leads to several touching instances, but the most heart-wrenching one comes in episode 440. As Luffy screams in pain fighting Magellan’s poison, Bon Clay never leaves his side, encouraging the youngster alongside the other prisoners of Level 5. Bon Clay’s dedication to Luffy’s well-being is so touching that it can move anyone to tears.

7. Ace Sacrifices Himself Without Regret (Episode 483)

The heartbreaking death of Luffy’s older brother Portgas D. Ace in episode 483 is considered one of the most emotional episodes in One Piece. As he sacrifices himself in the Marineford War to save his younger brother and Whitebeard, Ace accepts his fate without any regrets. His final words, “Thank you for loving me,” are heartbreaking, and it’s hard to watch this episode without tears.

8. Luffy’s Crew Mourns The Loss Of Ace (Episode 485)

The following episode of Ace’s death, 485, is even more emotional. As the news of Ace’s loss reaches Luffy and his crew, they mourn their friend’s passing. The sequence where the crew members hit Luffy in sadness and disbelief signifies their grief. Luffy’s breakdown in tears adds to the agony, proving that the Straw Hat Pirates are not invincible and are prone to sorrow like anyone else.

9. Chopper Remembers Hiluluk’s Final Words (Episode 86)

Hiluluk’s Last Words in One Piece (CBR)

Chopper’s backstory is one of the most emotional aspects of One Piece. Episode 86 shows Chopper recalling his mentor, Dr. Hiluluk’s, final words. The doctor’s speech about dream realization, “when does a man die? A man dies when he is forgotten,” is painfully poignant. Chopper’s narrative is full of heartbreaking moments, but this one is arguably the most touching.

10. The Straw Hat Pirates Reunite After Two Years Apart (Episode 517)

Finally, after two years apart, the Straw Hat Pirates reunite in episode 517. Their reunion is pure joy, but the sequence where Luffy sobs upon seeing his friend, Usopp, after the latter apologizes for his past mistakes, is undoubtedly emotional. The crew’s unbridled happiness at being reunited proves that their friendship is stronger than any obstacle they may face.

In conclusion, One Piece is one of the most emotional anime series of all time, and the above episodes undoubtedly have the most heartbreaking moments. Even the toughest of viewers are likely to shed a tear at these emotional scenes.

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